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Archangel Michael Tells A Tale

I felt Archangel Michael around me in the wee hours this morning when I could not sleep, so I asked him to tell me a story. He smiled and leaned back as if to make himself more comfortable, much in the manner of an elderly person about to recount a long-winded tale....

“I was born,” he said, “In a galaxy far, far away.” A sly smile crossed his face and there was a twinkle in his eye. “I was the brightest spark of a tremendous implosion of matter light and energy, and as such I was flung far out way beyond my faraway home of expanding matter.

So far, in fact that I was not even in the known universe. I was where matter ceased to exist or, more accurately, had never existed. There everything was energy only, light and light created images and beings, shifting from one form to another with the gay abandon of frolicking puppies. It was a jolly old place, and one which felt vaguely familiar.

In fact, to put it in terms to which you might relate, I was in Angel School, that place where the pure truth of creation is the only energy allowed in. Great Spirit, the One, Yggdrasil, or the Timeless Being, all one and the same in different iterations of this almost blinding energy. Our joy was to learn to calibrate our fledgling energies to this great creative force so that we could channel her spirit through our beings and transmit the purity of that loving creation to others.

It took a while, I must say. We were undisciplined and so happy. We had never seen darkness and accepted all the light filled laughter and joy that surrounded us as our right, not, as we were later to learn, our privilege.

It was a gradual process, how we morphed over the ages into various shapes with different emphasizes, angels and archangels, each one gravitating toward the particular healing energy stored in us that called us into service when we first saw the force and effect of the absence of love in some parts of creation.

We studied then more rigorously, for we were beginning to see why we had been chosen. As our bright lights shimmered almost beyond bearing, we began to see that this light could be offered to those who had fallen into darkness. And so, we each according to our particular gifts began to develop the skill to lift others out of that darkness.

I chose travel. I love to move about from one situation to another. Energy on this level being what it is, I am not constrained by the bounds of place and time and can attend to as many of you who invite my presence into your lives. I like to play and I like to fight – only the good fight, of course, but it is a great joy to enable one of you escape from danger or see you rise above evil when you call for my services.

You may have noticed that I am an extrovert archangel, not so inclined to study and contemplation as some of my fellows, but nevertheless fascinated by the technical ways that humans utilize to expand their modes of communication. So if you have a computer problem, a tv, transmitter, or other technical issue, call on me and I will see what I can do.

I see that you are more relaxed now, lulled toward sleep by my timeless tale. (Smiling) This too is one of my services.

Call on me anytime.”

September 13, 2022

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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4 Yorum

18 Eyl 2022

Even though it's morning and time to get up this was an amazing bedtime story. Knowing that Archangel Michael and SOOO many others are here for us whenever we need them makes this life a lot more bearable. I literally thank God for all of them.


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
15 Eyl 2022

I love this story, particularly since I travel full time in an RV!


14 Eyl 2022

Now that is a story


14 Eyl 2022

Absolutely DELIGHTFUL.

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