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Archangel Michael: The Light Becomes Visible

With so much at stake we in spirit move to assist as never before.

Ann: Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael: Yes. I come in the darkest hour always bringing light. Look for me. Look for me. Those who suffer and die shall not die in vain. They are martyrs to the cause of the New Order, the exposition of the rotten foundation of centuries of exploitive rule, oppression, and domination. Through nothing less than the full exposure of the dark underpinnings of these regimes will the world take note of the fragility of the life on the planet.

Reach for me, all you souls in torment, all you children torn from the arms of your family, and all who suffer in silence as their worlds are ripped away. I come, I and others, come to bring light so that all may see.

Do not shade your eyes. Do not let your heart turn away, excavate every bit of darkness justified in your own life, your communities, and in your institutions and religious leaders. Accept nothing less that the truth, the shining light of Sprit who gave birth to a world in love and evolving creation and now stands by to help, to lift all who suffer out of the morass that the corrupt will to power has engendered.

You suffer, yes, but you shall prevail. Ask for my help and protection. Reach your angels and guides, Jesus, Allah, Great Spirit and the powerful forces of evolving light that reveals the incipient horror that looms for all of us, on planet and off, if this opportunity for vision and action is not grasped. It is the horror itself that will save us. It is the understanding of the stakes in the game we play that is not and never was a game. What hangs in the balance is the very essence of existence.

You have come to the point where spiritual forces alone can inspire right action, right thinking, and right direction. We move now into the End Time, the time of decision.

With so much at stake we in spirit move to assist as never before. We are near. We are galvanizing hearts to see the choices upon us. We will not fail, neither on the Earth nor in the heavens, for the battle is now joined in earnest and the consequences are made clear. The scales have fallen from the eyes of some of the powerful who were playing at power without considering its dire consequences. These will, in spite of prior actions and oppressions, come into the light as the specter of destruction stalks their heels, and then they too will help lead us out of this wilderness of moral confusion and egoic self-aggrandizement.

Those who do not will be left behind.

Do not doubt the ultimate end of this course of events. Do not waiver. Keep your faith in the Light that gave us breath and that shows us the road we must take. Do not falter. When in doubt, cleave even tighter to the light. Do not look down, simply keep your feet moving forward on the path of righteousness. You will find many to take your hand, to guard your back, and to propel all of us into the next millennium.

The door is opening. You don’t need to see it now, take it on faith, and follow the light.

March 3, 2022

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia, Michael the Archangel in fresco in Sant'Angelo in Formis. abbey

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Oh Ann, thank you so much for creating your blog with Richard and all those who speak to you! Thank you Michael for always being available to give inner strength for us all!


Thank you, Monique, I needed to hear that today! And I join in your gratitude to Michael and all those available to help us if we ask.



Thank you Ann for sharing these words during these difficult times.💜🙏🌍



Hi Guys,

Any thoughts? Sitting here in a vacuum, would appreciate any comments, hoping all is well with everyone.




I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the writing that you do to inspire us to contemplate the possibilities of, well, everything! I am eternally grateful.

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