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Arcturians: Choices, Free Will, And Revelation

Arcturians: We come to you today to address the confusion that many of you have regarding choices, free will, and revelation.

Some of you were generated in the Ninth Dimension and sometimes have difficulty adjusting to Third Dimensional communication and can, albeit inadvertently, transmit that which would not have been possible in a less conflicted energy system. By that we mean that you can take on the sometimes judgmental attributes that are foreign to your nature, and then that most fundamental part of you recoils.

Those of you generated in the Third Dimension have the opposite problem. Often existence is seen as a battle, life and death, good against evil, kill or be killed. This is your mortal inheritance, but not your spiritual one. Each of you is asked to find another way.

We have discovered that the only effective means of instruction is to proceed with understanding and respect. We ask that you apply this approach first to the sacred soul that is your own. Do not fall into the trap of berating yourself for making "bad choices" implying right versus wrong, that there is a clear difference, and you must go forward on a predestined path or fall behind.

Such an approach is fixed and limited when what is needed is expansion. So, try instead, to lift your vibration higher, and there, if you refrain from self-judgment, is revelation, revelation of what your life can teach you so far, and where these experiences, uncontaminated by perjurious attacks, can lead going forward on your life path.

Let go of fear and ask to receive. Here is where true vision lies. Then and only then does free will become a workable concept.

The Council comes to you today to ask for your compassion toward your fellows and, more importantly, toward yourself, for this is where it all begins. No one, including those of us in the Ninth Dimension, has the gift of certainty, for that would require the gift of foresight. None of us can know why we struggle or why we chart seemingly incomprehensible courses, but we can feel our Creator's love and proceed accordingly.

So let your emphasis on choices give way to wonder at the mysteries of the evolution of the universe and every thing within. Find the path that guides your life. Ask the questions that open perception and raise vibrations for yourself and thereby for others.

Look for the wonder that guides each and every life, for, when it reveals itself to your vision, your light will transmit light-filled visions to others without your speaking a word.

You need not allow yourself to be immersed in darkness. Our Creator has never asked that of you. Lift your eyes to your compatriots here, and we, along with your many guides and companions, will walk with you through the maze, and you will see your way.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

November 27, 2022

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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