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Arcturians: Darkness Serves Light

Darkness serves a purpose, a critical for all the world to see,

and that is the negative example.

Ann: Hi Guys, you rang?

Arcturians: (Smiling) Indeed we did, for we have something that we hope will be of benefit to your readers. You have been traveling on a course the trajectory of which is invisible to the human eye and incomprehensible to the rational mind, and so we come to offer a broader perspective.

You have a saying that it is darkest before dawn, and this is true, not because you need a period of darkness but because you need an understanding the dawn is not only around the corner but behind every dark encounter.

You see the deliberate lies and self-aggrandizing behaviour of those who only want to build mansion for themselves, mansion which will crumble assuredly in time but even more rapidly in the fullness of expanded vision. For these mansions are not real. These would-be power brokers are creating fiction, illusion, and caricature.

They wish to make themselves immortal, powerful beyond all possibility of challenge, and wealthy beyond imagining. And as your expression says, “How’s that working out for them?”

They die, they are betrayed, and their wealth is as ephemeral as the wind. And yet they serve a purpose, a critical for all the world to see, and that is the negative example: what will not work, what does not serve, and what will never satisfy.

Community is the watchword of the future, and it will come with safeguards honed through this period of overreach and self-aggrandizement.

You are developing the tools to build community now as you discard that which has manifestly created false assurances and idols to a false god, the pusuit of individual well-being.

Only through a society committed to the wellbeing of all its members can each individual prosper, not only in material terms but, more importantly, in way carried over into the next and then the next iteration of such individual energies.

So, do not lose faith, my children. Labor on in the sure and certain conviction that reality is what you know it to be, the foundational love of your Creator and the vision of expanding energy where darkness serves the proliferation of light.

We are the Arcturians, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

September 14, 2023

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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1 Comment

Sep 14, 2023

No doubt we will ALL enjoy connecting further with the Arcturians soon.

Yet, how soon?

Seriously, how soon?

Do they hear me, heed my pleadings as immediately as does Pete, the Archangels, Robin and the others?

I have this personal mantra now, whenever I feel in fear, victimized, unsure going forward in life - "DO not cave. Go forward in strength."

Do they hear us here, those of us reading your words, Ann? Do they collectively hear us, this relatively small group of humans?

It would be remarkable, amazing to hear from those we are familiar with on this matter.

Many thanks, always.


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