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Be Kind To Your Mother: Richard And White Feather

Richard: I am here to beg your indulgence in allowing me to weigh in on the mass hysteria about political nothingness and the relatively ho-hum response to some of the biggest developments in the cosmos, to wit, the imprint on the earth of the ongoing expansion of extra-terrestrial understanding and discoveries that even a few years ago would have seemed impossible.

For example the discovery of the nutrient rich portions of the little dwarf planet Ceres. This little world will teach us much in the coming time. In the meantime let us learn from its namesake, Ceres the Greek goddess of the harvest, the little mother who lost her child for six months of every year but who nevertheless steps forward every year to help us plant the crops that can be gathered to sustain us. She teaches us to sow our seeds with care, to nurture what grows, and to wait patiently for the harvest.

She is one of the minor goddesses, critically important but not particularly celebrated because she just doesn't make enough noise - unlike some I could mention. However, this is changing.

Her energy is what sustains the planet and everything on it, and so following in her steadfast footsteps must become our highest priority. Our planet is moving into evolutionary stages not heretofore experienced. We cannot sit idly by and imagine that tomorrow will be like yesterday and next year will be like the one before because that is not the trajectory we are on.

White Feather is here to tell us how we can navigate these changing and challenging times.

White Feather: My people were not always the faithful caretakers of the earth that they are often held up to be, for they suffered the human frailties of every other race and culture on the planet, but they did recognize that, without the blessings of Mother Earth, nothing else could prosper.

The virus is a God given opportunity to step back far enough to see the changes that are coming. They should not be a surprise, for there have been many warning signs, and there is much you can do to prepare.

If you see your area of the world increasingly in the line of fire or more regularly subject to flood and storm, plan your living space accordingly, create a sustainable food supply and flexible living arrangements.

Many say they cannot be bothered to make such changes because it is too difficult, too expensive, and what if we make this great effort and no looming disaster occurs? The point, my children, is to start on the road of living in harmony with our Mother as her nature becomes increasingly volatile so that you can be nimble enough to move with whatever she throws your way.

Those who suffer lack already are the most vulnerable, and so it must be the task of those whose living conditions are easier to incorporate these areas of settlement into recovery and adjustment plans, plans that are put in place long before the disaster occurs.

Again, many say that the task is too big, that it is impossible to get people to agree, to spend money which returns no immediate benefit. But that is changing now. The virus has taught to do things we would never have though possible, and the costs of doing nothing are now demonstrably disastrous and becoming more so.

If each of you takes the time to plan, to contribute to the rechanneling of energy such that we offer the earth support, you will be well on your way. It is not hard. Just do one thing, then the next will present itself until you find yourself living in harmony. not just with your Mother, but with the world around you. She will thank you for it.

October 14, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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