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Berkana Reversed

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Have you ever looked down and found to your surprise that you’re out over your skis? Things seem to be going well, but all of a sudden you can't see the ground. I pulled Berkana Reversed for this morning's meditation and was reminded that I have neglected to tend the home fires and have let my excitement over creating this blog throw me off balance.

" project is worth a loss of your alignment to true north,

and that is what happens when you are out over your skis."

Ann: Richard, would you please talk to me about this?

Richard Burton: Of course, love, though the picture of you on skis is not one that I would want to dwell on….

A: Alright, very cute… anything else you can offer?

RB: Just trying to remind you that pulling a reversed rune is, as you have told others, not an omen of disaster but a reminder to slow down and cultivate the soil. You cannot do this work if you are in alt all the time.

The reason we come here as humans is to put ourselves in a position to explore and begin to understand that unity, not singularity, is the foundation of the universe. This universe is a conglomerate of an infinite number of intricately constructed moving parts all of which depend upon each other. The particularity of the human experiment is that we begin to grow egos that want to tell us otherwise. Then as babies and all through our lives we discover the futility of that solo approach.

You are in the midst of more consciously living on two planes, the in alt plane where you feel the elevated frequencies of the universal tapestry in which we all have an infinitesimal yet crucial part. There is no project more important than feeding this understanding at every level we can access.

Your blog is an effort in some small part to bring this understanding to life, a place where the wisdom of those who come to speak here can encourage us, in this life and the next, to begin to remodel and realign our beings to become more in tune with our part in that tapestry. But no project is worth a loss of grounding to true north, and that is what happens when you are out over your skis.

So go slowly, love, and regroup. Move quietly and reverently this day noticing all the many gifts, however small, that are in your life. For these gifts are the critical moving parts that make up your part in the tapestry. Then when you feel yourself in alignment again, offer your services to the higher energies who request access. In that way your spirit and theirs will work together to bring what is needed at this time to yourself and others. For you are but a microcosm, as is each soul on this planet, of the evolution of the universe.

December 3, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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