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Bobby, Richard, and Jesus: We Are Truly Blessed In Their Companionship.


We just want to spend time with you.

Ann: Bobby, I am coming to you because can’t seem to get myself to open to anyone else, not sure why.

Bobby: Well, that’s easy, I am the least intimidating of the lot since I lived a life of ups and downs on every level possible and lots of people thought I was just a ruthless son of a bitch so why worry what that guy thinks.

Ann: Thanks, Bobby you always say what I need to hear. It’s just when I open as I did with the last bit from Richard, I get kind of swamped.

Richard Burton: Excuse me?

Ann: Sorry but that last message really took me to the other side in a rush, had trouble coming back, not sure how to balance, thought Bobby might help. You guys were friends.. sort of... I guess?

Bobby: Close enough. Talk to me.

Ann: No, really I would appreciate your talking to me, I like the sound of your voice, and you and Richard are easy to connect with.

Bobby: Well we were known for our distinctive voices though I can’t say that mine inspired flights of fancy or ladies swooning to be mine…

However, I am aware, though you might not know it, of a little of what you speak. We travel on the earthly plane on one level. Either great inspiration or tremendous grief can bring us to openings which allow our spiritual companions to find a way to touch our souls and steady us.

Otherwise, the spectre of becoming disembodied feels threatening.

In my case a path to such an opening eventually came from my complete disorientation after Jack’s death, and again as I traveled the country with the gut wrenching realization of the grinding poverty and its effects on some of the families in our country. Such events, however painful, open our hearts, lift and destroy our understanding of all that we have been given. In short we are blasted open, and such an opening does not allow us to sit down or settle thereafter.

Without such full awakenings, there can be a dis-ease with spiritual connection. You felt a little of this in your last communication with Richard and you could not settle because you have not given yourself fully to the mission of the higher vibration. You still back off, run into whatever closet houses an activity that will keep you from reaching out.

Your associations are different from mine yet similar. Both of us knew then and know now in our hearts that such opening is inherently dangerous to human life. You fear the flame, Ann, that is this truth, nothing more nothing less.

I had been through such hell in my conscious life that I was happy to walk right into it. Both Richard and I and as well as Yeshua and many others are here to help you and others navigate that a transition.

You trust Richard and allowed him to speak through you as a pure channel. Your body felt his vibrations and your own vibrations were raised to match his so completely that you felt yourself beginning to disappear. You and I have not yet had such a connection so I am the intermediary.


Richard: It’s alright, love, you don’t have to become so elevated with our input and vibrations that you cannot feel yourself on the planet, there are ways to handle these things. You are afraid of the wrong things.

We can reconfigure those scrambled channels that can occur from such direct exposure. It is not that exposure per se is the problem, it is your own unconscious fear of what that connection portends.

The answer, as you know very well from so many encounters in this life, is not to turn away but toward that which creates your fear. And apropos of same, Jesus would like to spend some time with you.

Jesus: For god’s sake, girl, you would think I was Beelzebub himself. And don‘t bother to answer that. I know you do not see me in that light just as I know you do not understand what is happening to you. You simply feel your control slipping and that shuts you down like nothing else.

Well, you know the saying, familiarity breeds contempt, and that, if we substitute the word "comfort" for "contempt," that is what we must work on until you become so relaxed and open in our presence that you strive for that comfort.

To that end, keep me by your side. Keep Richard at the ready as you often do but instead of the forward and backwards flow of our associations, keep us steady, let us be constant with you during the flow. That is what is meant by spiritual companionship.

We just want to spent time with you, that is all. Read your book, fix your dinner, play with the dogs, travel back and forth on whatever errand demands your presence. Just take us with you. We need to have an energetic flow between us so that there is a comfort level with our presence.

We simply ask you to keep our energies by your side. They will then become that new normal, and you will not have these boomerang reactions.

Ann: OK, will try, need to feed the blog now.

Jesus: (Smiling) Well, I can see we have a ways to go, but I can help you there. (See next post.)

March 8, 2021

*Illustration from "How Art Changes Consciousness" by Jacob Devaney, Uplift Connect, Wednesday, December 30, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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댓글 2개

2021년 3월 10일

I wonder what Bobby Kennedy thinks about the bust of his face being in the oval office. When President Biden is on TV from the oval office (by the fireplace) Bobby's head is right over Joe's shoulder! I wonder if John McCain is jealous! Just kidding! :)


2021년 3월 10일

Ann, I'm loving the journey with you!

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