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Caught Out... Again.

This morning I couldn't think of anything to put up on the blog. That was my first mistake, i.e., thinking. Richard was happy to point out my second.

Ann: Is the well dry?

Richard Burton: Certainly not. How can you say so with all the conversations that have been flying around here?

Ann: Yes, but for me not the blog.

Richard: You think so?

Ann: Yeah, I just looked at them.

Richard: Love, after all this time, sometimes I can still be surprised at how almost intentionally dense you can be.

We come to you, we come to your blog. It is very much the same thing. What we offer on your blog, you and those of us who speak here, is simply to chart one person’s journey to God, warts and all. And right now, love, your warts are showing.

Ann: OK, I’ll bite. What warts?

Richard: The ones that somehow think that you must receive messages from heaven every moment of the day. That, love, is your ego talking, so perhaps it might be time to send him out for a drink while we continue this conversation.

Ann: OK, happy to do so, never really liked the old so-and-so anyway.

Richard: That’s my girl. Now I have some space to get to what is happening to you – again – which is preoccupation with the political drama taking place in your country.

Not that I think you should ignore it, but you become complicit when you allow yourself to wallow in that filth. Yes, I know that’s a strong word, and I won’t suggest you take another look because you have already started to feel that grime settling in about your shoulders and fogging up your vision.

Instead, turn your attention to how you can be of help. That, love, is always the answer to these seemingly unanswerable questions which usually start with, “How can Spirit allow…..” fill in the blanks.

And I am not just speaking to you alone. Each one of us is susceptible to the siren song calling us to wallow in the shortcomings of others. Let us remove the plank from our own eyes before worrying about the speck, ok, more than a speck in this case, in the eyes of others.

Find your task this day, the gift you can give without being asked, the person, who may not even be known to you who can receive that gift. It is not hard to do. Even a kind word unexpectedly offered can brighten a day or even change a life.

And as each of you turns your attention to the gifts you have on offer, you will feel your sap rising, for hope and kindness are the leaven in God’s Creation.

October 6, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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