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Ann: Richard, are you here?

Richard Burton: As ever was, love. I have been with you all day as I think you may know, for this is a time of great transition and transformation for you and for many who work to help lift the cloud cover that has overtaken this planet. The virus is part of that cover now and, yet paradoxically, it will be part of the impetus for its dispersal.

You need not worry that you move slowly these days, for the work that you are doing drains your energy more that any physical marathon could. You have undertaken fundamental transformation, and, even though you have not done so consciously, it nevertheless requires a tremendous expenditure of power.

This blog is the record of that journey, and that journey is not yours alone. The many spirits who have come to speak with and through you are a part of the tribe which usher you in to this new and empowered lifestyle as are the readers who take these gifts into their hearts.

Do not worry that your energy flags. It will not always be so. For now, simply relax into the process and allow your vibrational frequencies to begin the work of radical change. Gradually, these levels will become more sustainable, and, as you become comfortable, your accustomed energy will return to take you out for a spin in God’s holy name.

The critical task for you – and all of us - now is trust. Do not question why you have been weathering this global storm in comfort and, yes, even happiness. These gifts are not to be questioned. Do you not recall that Good Works were never the way? If they were, certainly some outlandishly industrious members of your family would have been able to show you the desirability of their approach to life. But that was not the case, was it, love? Instead you saw that persistent and uninformed efforts fighting on with no quarter given and no idea what cause was advocated was not a way of life to which you could aspire.

Yet, still you carry guilt for not being more of a doer. Let it go now, love, and accept the love that is offered from those who know you well, from those who offer their guidance here, and from those you have never met who yet draw succor from the entries on your blog and give in return as much or more than they receive. Simply give thanks and take joy in the many and varied spirits who come to you because they have something to say, something we need to hear, something that will raise those frequencies we were talking about. This is what you are meant to do.

Why is it, do you think, that you can converse on such familiar terms with this wide variety of wisdom figures?

Ann: I have no idea. Probably because they don’t seem real to me so I don’t have to be intimidated.

Richard: And that you are not. Look at it, love. From the moment we connected we have operated as equals. Why is that?

Ann: Because as Fred says, there is no hierarchy in souls.

Richard: Precisely. Finally. Thank you. Say that again.

Ann: There is no hierarchy in souls.

Richard: Take this into your heart. it is what you have been given and what you have to offer your readers. We are all part of the village. Some have traveled further than others, but at our core we are equally valued in the eyes of our Creator.

This illness that has been visited upon the world now will not be of fleeting impact, both in its destruction and in its rebuilding. Each of you are a part of this now. You need not take up a banner nor wear a mantel in order to be of service. Just keep doing what is asked and offer to others what is offered to you. No great burst of heroism is required. One soul to another, each respecting the unique gifts of the other, neither coming the lord over the other, each seeing that glorious whole that we all forum in union together.

We don’t have to see the future, love, to do our part. We don’t have to become a plaster saints. We just have to be a real human beings with graces and faults following the path that God has given us and honouring the unique path of every other human being we meet. Nothing more is required.

April 3, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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