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Do You Have Questions? Anyone You Want To Talk To?

Update: See below.

Happy Spring to all! OK, it's 16 degrees in Western Mass, but thinking of spring on March 1st and wondering if any of you have questions you would like to ask those spirits who have been kind enough to offer their wisdom and insight on this blog. If so, please send an email to with the name of the person/spirit you want to speak with and a question of general interest to blog readers. I will get back to you here with any answers I receive.

Very interested to see what you want to know about and who wants to answer!

Update: I have received a number of requests from you - thank you so much - and I am very excited to get started on them. However, I do need to clarify that

  1. I can only contact spirits who have come to me. Much as I would enjoy speaking with others, I can't go to them as I am a channel not a medium. So please address questions to those spirits with whom I have spoken on the blog.

  2. I don't ask personal questions about their lives because that is not, in general, what they have offered here. Asking for insight or wisdom based on their life experience works, asking about their family members or specific experiences does not. So "What can you share with us about what (depression, anxiety, loss, addiction, anger, etc.) you may have experienced in your lifetime from the perspective you have now?" works. "Tell me about your divorce." does not.

  3. If you have individual questions about someone in your life who has passed, these are best addressed one on one with a reputable medium. I am a channel and can only work with spirits who come to me so I am limited to those spirits who have already appeared on the blog.

  4. I may not get to every request, really appreciate your understanding. You may want to consider a comment and see what others have to say. The readers on this blog are just amazing!

Kind regards,


March 1, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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