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Gandhi: Anger Is Not The Way

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

March 24, 2020 Love not anger

Ann: Mr. Gandhi, Anita said you have something you wanted up on the blog right away.

Mahatma Gandhi: Yes, Ann I do. Most urgently now we are given a choice in how we handle the challenge of worldwide illness, an illness that has no respect for person or place, station or power.

This illness is a great leveler. Those of us who already struggle will suffer the most as we always do. We will see what little we have destroyed without a qualm by forces that view compassion as an alien entity. Yet, oddly enough, these sufferers will be alright in one way or another. They have already learned to live with want and have tasted grief, yet still many have friends and family who look after one another.

It is those who have wealth, power, and property who are most at risk because they are not accustomed, do not know how to lose and still be whole because “whole” is the foreign entity in their world. Many will meet their losses with aggression, countering with ruthless avarice and trying to defend against illness with privilege.

It will not work. The breadth and depth of this disease is too great to be a fleeting event in the course of human history. It is a game changer, as your president has said, though his reference was off. Any projected cure or treatment can mitigate but not destroy the currents of change which will move through us in the wake of this disease.

If you are inclined to anger over losing your money, your security, your job, or a loved one, look into your heart and ask yourself what, truly, is the object of this anger? Is it your landlord who sees only his immediate self-interest? Is it the mammoth corporation eliminating your job without a second thought? Is it your government with its attention focused primarily for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful? What is the source of your pain? “It’s not fair?” “You can’t treat me like this?”

Where can you find answers to these anguished cries? These forces, these people who scramble to grab the last crumb for themselves as they lose what they see as their lifeblood of money and power will sacrifice anything and anyone to try to retain the illusion upon which they have based their false existence, for they have no center of gravity.

And yet they still have the power to destroy. Anger is then a natural, earned, and rationally legitimate response when we are faced with this abuse. Nevertheless, it is not the way. It never has been, and it never will be because it cannot save you.

Try if you can to see past the anger. Expand your vision while you stand straight and require recognition of yourself and your people as equal partners in this experiment called humanity. But do not hate the aggressor, the poor soul who cannot look up or away as he sits in his abandoned counting house counting out his shrinking pile of money. Try, instead, to invite him to sit by your fire, make him a pair of sturdy sandals when his slippers wear out, offer to share your bread. Nothing else will do.

March 24, 2020

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David Johnson
David Johnson

Maybe its just perfect timing, Ann, but this may be your best ever! I am so glad to have heard this.

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