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Gebo: Partnership, A Gift

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I asked for a rune that would help me given where I am at this moment, since I really couldn’t tell, too scattered with holiday preparation. I have been feeling presences around me, particularly the Black Horse but not settling, not hearing. finally managed to ask for rune guidance. I pulled Gebo, The Gift, and asked Richard for context.

"Do you not realize, my dears, that what seems to be the ever increasing army of hate and darkness is really the death rattle

of those who would throttle the light?"

Richard Burton: Well, of course, I am happy to add my poor efforts to the wealth of insights within this rune. I live to serve and am glad of an opportunity to be getting together just the two of us, no other agenda in mind, just some quiet time.

Ann: You get rattled over there?

RB: Perhaps not in just the way you mean, but yes. I can’t tell you how long I have knocked on one door after another and found that there was clearly someone home, but the television, metaphorically speaking, was blaring too loud for its owner to hear my knock. No, I am not Christ - though the similarity of his image knocking at the door just hit me. I am, however, a messenger of the Christ Force as, indeed, any must be who move in the way of Spirit and who ache for ascension past the limitations of the human consciousness.

We, I and others like me, offer access to that further dimension as we pry the doors to your individual and collective psyches open with our fingernails. And I am happy to report progress on all fronts though you might not think it to look at the state the world is in, hurtling in exponentially increasing speed toward to what appears to be complete obliteration of life as we know it on this planet.

There is still hope and reason for hope. It is to be found inside every kernel of life, both sentient and non. And most particularly in the hearts and souls of humans as they struggle to see their way clear of accumulating human debris.

Do you not realize, my dears, that what seems to be the ever increasing army of hate and darkness is really the death rattle of those who would throttle the light? The dark is dying. Demographics alone will show you that the world order must change. It may not be pretty, but change it will.

So I counsel you in this Thanksgiving season to take stock of all the gifts in your lives, and by that I meant the intersection of one spirit, one heart, one hand with another. Then give thanks in your innermost core for the flame of holy union that still burns bright upon the earth.

Each in their own way who takes of their belongings and gives to others at the same time receives the gifts in return. This is union with the Divine and a joy it is to see you and so many taking part in this ancient and sacred ritual. I wish you joy of this blessed holiday.

November 27, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

David Johnson
David Johnson
Nov 28, 2019

This really moved me. Thanks to you both.

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