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Heartache to Strength: Joe Biden

Anita* called this morning to say that John McCain wanted to "tune in." Then he and Harriet Tubman joined forces below to make their point.

Ann: John, are you sure you want to talk to me? I’m having trouble shaking off some of the horrors in the news.

John: Annie, we all go down for the count sometimes.

Harriet: You ain’t no better than anyone else, so you listen up, chile, and put yo' troubles on the back burner and take down what John here has got to say. He ain’t pussy footin’ around.

John: Thank you Auntie. And you are right, this is no time sit on the side lines. And you’re not alone, Annie, in sometimes wanting just to walk away and burrow into that dark hole that you know leads nowhere but down. That's why I am here today because it doesn't have to be that way if you don't let it. So you can’t see your way out? So what? Who died and made you God?

Harriet: So you jes gotta keep on keepin’ on, that's all you got to do.

John: Why do we fight? Why do we keep up the struggle? Why not just give in and do whatever we want and to hell with everyone else?

Because this is why we came. For God's sake, people, did you think we landed on this planet for a vacation? Please. Look a little higher. Adjust your gaze. We came to save the day, and that’s just what we can do now if we set our minds to it.

Harriet: Yeah, right on, hmhuh, you tell 'em, Johnny.

John: This planet, the creation of the human race, was a splitting off from holy union, and the hell of that decision has followed us down through the ages. Now is the time for the turnaround. No, we're not gonna change human nature, but we can sure recognize it for what it is, and that is the combination of heaven and hell that creates the energy off which we live. Now is the time to harness that energy for the good of the planet and everything on it. It can be done.

Harriet, You tell 'em, Johnny, Lawd have mercy.

John: What is necessary is a government that institutionalizes holy decisions and isolates others. Not punish, people, isolate. That way those good decisions pull in all the energy. We need to elevate those who can see. Then we need to keep an eye on them because power corrupts, and the seers among us now are no different those that took us down the garden path in the past. Witness the Catholic Church, the yoga gurus, etc., who started out fine, then turned into self-proliferating machines. We need to recognize what we are and set up structures that optimize our brilliance and convert our darkness into forward moving energy so that what we know of spirit expands in all of us toward the light.

Harriet: Hmuh, yea, you right theah, praise Jesus.

Ann: And how do we do this?

John: Vote in Biden. He’s the unlikely man of the hour because, though he is more volatile than his reputation would suggest, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and he himself has been through the fire and come out the other side this time with one mission and one mission only, and that is to serve. That is all that is in his mind, to honor his son, to honor those who went before him in light or who suffer in other ways. He is driven to make it mean something.

This is what he has been headed for his whole life, and he has no other agenda. He has the vision, the experience, and the contacts to restructure our government. He isn't afraid to ask for help, and he values the energy and ideas of others. He knows he needs them. He knows his time is short, and the mistakes he has made will serve him as cautionary flags. We have a chance, people.

Harriet: And that we do, hmmhuh, we gotta step it up.

John: This is not the time to wallow in self-pity. We know what we have to do which is to get off our collective asses and go to work,

Harriet: Git to doing whatever it is you do ‘cause Jesus needs evah one of them hands out there this time around, no matter what color.

John: Amen, Auntie. Get on it, people, we have not a soul to waste.

June 23 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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