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Jesus/Richard: What is Death?

In meditation, or as close as I come to it, I asked Jesus about death and was shown an image of a graph with a jagged line from the bottom right hand corner of the page to a silhouette of an unidentifiable person in a wheel chair in the center of the page. The line then continued unevenly out the top right hand corner of the page. That night I dreamed of the Red Planet.

Confused, I asked first Anita* who offered insight and then sent me to Richard.

Ann: Richard, would you be kind enough to talk to me about this?

Richard Burton: Of course, love.

In life we are given a shot at bettering our lot and, in the process, bettering the lots of those around us. But to our limited human comprehension, that begs the big questions. Where did we come from? To what do we return? Why are we here?

Jesus answered your questions in a vision, a graph line from the bottom of the page to the silhouette of you in a wheelchair and then moving up and off the page. We are a moment in time, a moment of limitation and facelessness, a moment which exists in energy only and not really in time.

The dream took you to a red planet much like the southwest, a ranch where you lived and worked, a place where horses were your companions and where, in the red/gold atmosphere, you sat in meditation on the side of a red hill above the ranch basking in pleasure, work, and gratitude. This is the energy of the death transition.

Everyone has this knowledge, this energy inside of them, and it is this energy, this elemental knowledge that defeats the despair of the human condition and the fear of death. The form assumed by the energy may be different, but the message is the same: we are loved, we are held if we will allow it to be so.

This then, love, is where each you will go, each in their own unique variation, for we create our own destiny in what we desire, what we have given, and who we are.

Here you are part of the landscape, part of a working ranch just as each and every one of us is part of a larger whole in which we contribute to the order and expansion of our environs. You brought with you the experience of temporary life in physical form, and this is the language Spirit uses to hold you in love.

Each physical life is temporary, but each spirit's life is eternal. That is the trick, the fundamental element of existence which must be grasped for us to proceed. Each life on earth starts and ends, and each adds to the howl of our nascent creation, the star, the dimension, the galaxy where our spirit calls home.

This is life and death - and transfiguration if you will allow it to be so.

February 5, 2023

* Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or for spiritual or past life readings at

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, kinkow.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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3 commentaires

06 févr. 2023

Oh, yes, each night I look at the stars and howl: I want to come Home. And they just wink at me.


05 févr. 2023

People and the guides here always talk about coming home. Thank you for asking the question, now it makes even more sense as we do carry this experience in us when we allow peace and knowing, gratefulness for life and see the beauty around us, and just "be" in space and all encompassing feeling of love. So since we carry this knowledge in us, it truly is familiar as a physical experience too, a memory, and a coming home. Grateful for your work and sharing with us!


Marylee Losardo
Marylee Losardo
05 févr. 2023

I finally learned how to share these. Hopefully, some will sign up for your emails. Thank you Ann💜

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