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Jesus: The Way Back Home

The essence of Ann’s journey and the journey of everyone who finds themselves resistant to Spirit is not to give in because you are beaten, but to lay down your arms because you are among friends.

Runes and Medicine Cards: (Read from right to left.)

Action Challenge Overview

Raido Gebo, Fehu Reversed

Journey home. Partnership, gift Energy blocked

Animal Medicine Card: Rabbit to Blank Rune, Fear to Trust

Ann: Jesus, is this what you wanted to talk to me about?

Jesus: Yes, Ann, it is. It is my hope that you will hear from your runes and medicine card that which has had a hard time coming through in other guises. While I recognize that yours is the difficult journey from fear to trust, I am always happy to see you materialize the central points of this journey.

Here your rune pulls graphically describe your life challenge. Fehu Reversed, the temporary immobilization of life force. Fehu upright is the flow of universal energy such that abundance is its natural outcome. It is this force that you have struggled to release in your life this time around.

Ann, you were always a hands on your hips kind of person and not much has changed. Just listen to that commentator off to the side of your brain questioning whether we are really having this conversation.

It is hard to turn that spigot off, is it not? Richard is here and smiling because he knows, he understands the immense mountain you and many like you must climb to release that voice that doesn’t quite believe, that always questions because it feels it must always be on guard.

Ann: Richard?

Richard Burton: Yes, love, I am here because no one understands better than I how difficult it is to give your life over to Spirit. What if they screw up? What if they drop you off at the wrong stop? What if they destroy that persona you have built to defend what you think of as yourself?

You are working on it - as evidenced by your willingness to receive these runes and medicine cards. It just takes time and practice, love. It will come.

Ann: When I’m dead, right?

Richard: Yes, love then but not just then. You have put events in train in this lifetime which, if you persevere, will take you to that blind and blank trust symbolized by the Blank Medicine Card where you do not have to check in with your persona, with what you think of as your guardian self, when you can simply receive the many gifts this life has offered you. That is the challenge as the Rune Gebo symbolizing the gift of spiritual partnership has indicated.

It will not be easy because your guardian self has served a vital purpose in keeping your judgment foremost as you have been presented with various options in your life. Like most of us, you have chosen well sometimes and not so well at other times, but these choices taken together have brought you to this day where you can lay down your sword with gratitude for its service and take the way back to right as Raido, the rune of right order and the journey back home, has offered.

Jesus: Thank you, Richard, I could not have put it better. The essence of Ann’s journey and the journey of everyone who finds themselves resistant to Spirit, is not to give in because you are beaten, but to lay down your arms because you are among friends.

Ann, I feel the resistance surrounding your desire to reunite with Spirit, resistance that makes you throw up your head like a horse scenting danger because on one level you still believe that it is up to you to decide, and in that you are entirely correct. Your choice can never be gainsaid but instead always respected as the fundamental right of each and every soul that ventures out onto this treacherous and splendid planet.

Your choices will always be the result of what you see so we on this side have come to offer our assistance in expanding your vision. For when you see clearly, you will choose to join us as is your birthright and the birthright of every human being on this planet.

So I ask that, when you scent anger, when you are afraid, when you stand poised in that moment between retreat and advancement, simply ask for vision. Call on any one of us that seems to you to be most available in that moment. I held your hand as a child, and this you remember well. How could you imagine that I would desert the one beloved?

It is that vision, the vision of yourself as the one beloved, that will carry you home. Turn to us, we will help you open your eyes.

July 1, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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