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John McCain: Beware the Banning of Books

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Knowledge is power, and my erstwhile colleagues know

that the truth, far from setting them free, will put them in jail.

Ann: Hi John,* I have been feeling you around but couldn’t imagine what you could have to say so didn’t check in.

John: For God’s sake, Annie, you play your part and I’ll play mine. Just check in, and I will do the rest. Anyway, who’s to say we couldn’t just shoot the breeze?

Ann: Right, I will do better next time. What’s on your mind?

John: Those God awful pseudo-Republicans who want to start banning books. Never did I think I would see the day when censorship is one of the major platforms of my party. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, whatever happened to the land of the free?

This is where we must drill down. I am glad to see that you have purchased a copy of the banned book** for your grandchildren, but this is just one of many such censorships. Any time some faction or another wants to rewrite history (which by the way we have been doing from the beginning) to block out the experiences of entire segments of the population, look out, worse is coming.

I am delighted to see however, that many have risen to the occasion, and now Maus is now a best seller and being donated in droves to various public libraries. Its’s kinda like porn, ain’t it? Just say we can’t look at it and everybody wants to. Uh…. don’t put that in.

Ann: I thought you said not to trust censorship….

John: Touché, oh, God, I guess I better guard my tongue even from this distance if I don’t want to get in trouble. On the other hand, this is good trouble as John Lewis said, and I hope I am honoring the name even at this late date.

Good trouble pushes back against oppression - and don’t kid yourself that this is only one little book, it’s a slippery slope to controlling the publishing industry and information outlets, etc. Using government power to restrict access to knowledge, particularly from our children, is the worst kind of oppression. Knowledge is power, and my erstwhile colleagues know that the truth, far from setting them free, will put them in jail.

So go out there and make as much noise as you can. It’s one thing to tell lies on media outlets which is bad enough, but it’s quite another to shut down alternate sources of information. This is their attempt to keep our children ignorant of any part of history that doesn’t make the good ole boys look like white knights in shining armor.

We are a multicultural society, and this is what threatens their very existence. That is the long and short of it, and a simple and undeniable fact for any that care about truth. When that fact is recognized, there no even plausible excuse to shut down the voices from these cultures. We need to rejoice in the strength that each brings to the whole and promulgate and enforce laws that punish anything to the contrary.

Here is a place to stand up and fight. Go out there and yell as loud as you can. Make such a ruckus that we will hear you in heaven cause you’re doing God’s work.

February 1, 2022

*Referred by Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or for spiritual or past life readings at

**Maus is a nonfiction comic book by American cartoonist Art Spiegelman. Serialized from 1980 to 1991, it depicts Spiegelman interviewing his father about his experiences as a Polish Jew and Holocaust survivor....

After its Pulitzer Prize win, it won greater acceptance and interest among academics. The Museum of Modern Art staged an exhibition on the making of Maus in 1991–92....

On January 10, 2022, the board of trustees of McMinn County Schools in east Tennessee, in a 10–0 decision, removed Maus from its curriculum, in response to concerns over its use in 8th grade English Language Arts classes. The board cited as its reasons "rough language" and "unnecessary" profanity (eight words, including "damn"), a small drawing of a nude woman drawn as a mouse, mentions of murder, violence, and suicide, whether it was age-appropriate, and what the board deemed the values of the community; one board member said that at one time the author of Maus had drawn cartoons for Playboy magazine.

The ban overrode a Tennessee state curriculum review that had approved the book. A former teacher who spoke at the meeting observed that "there is nothing pretty about the Holocaust, and for me this was a great way to depict a horrific time in history." The vote attracted media attention the day before Holocaust Remembrance Day, and was covered by media in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Israel. Wikipedia.

Free Image Credit: Wix Media.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Feb 02, 2022

So, so good to hear once again from McCain. And I dare say, Robin as well. Robin seems to evolve so swiftly now, far less ego (though thoroughly enjoyed, admired and revered) and far more "of himself". I am enjoying this immensely.

As always, thank you, Ann.

Feb 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Laurie, so appreciate your insight and kindness.

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