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John McCain: Death Throes Of A Regime

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

First the ashes, then the phoenix arises....

Ann: Hi John, I keep hearing the words "cutie pie." Would that be you?

John: Sure, how’d you guess? That’d be my middle name. Just thought I’d come by to give you a lift and some of my thoughts for the New Year and the winding down of the old.

Ann: Go for it.

John: Well, it’s been hard to watch that old fart’s scorched earth policy on his way out, but nothing could have been better designed to expose the character of a man who plays golf while his fellow countrymen are hungry, out of work, and thrown out in the street because they can’t pay the rent.

I will be real interested to see what my former colleagues do in response to his clear acts of anti-patriotism. I won’t call it sedition just yet, because he’s just not that smart, but his handlers are, so they are the ones to watch. You have already seen the first shot across the bow with the Nashville bombing. There will be more.

Ann: Bombings you mean?

John: Possibly, but more actions abroad which undermine our safety and dominance in the world in unseen ways. My old friend Joe will have his hands full, but he is up to the task. Never did I think to see him rear up and take up the reins of disaster recovery with such gusto, the last flame of energy from the old man and long may it last and burn bright.

He has come just in time, first to expose the damage that has been done – to the extent he is able to do so without compromising our national security – and then to repair the governmental processes that have let us down.

Ann: Yeah, but what does he do about the 45 voters and their representatives?

John: You help the ones you can, and you contain the ones you can’t. So many people are going down now with this virus, its attendant physical and financial ruin, and the shock of the appalling lack of governmental response that, like Roosevelt, when Joe offers a helping hand, he will be beloved.

A new day is coming, don’t let these last rites of a dying regime fool you. And that’s what it is, a regime, not a presidency. And it is fighting to the death because it has no other recourse to avoid exposure and retribution. It’s the old tactic of throwing dust in the eyes of your enemies so that you can steal what you need to make good your escape.

As long as 45 and his cronies can turn us into enemies, they think they can see their way clear. It’s not surprising that they take this tack when you look at what they have done to our country. Many of us have become enemies and friends rather than families and neighbors.

And before we can get back to even a semblance of a level playing field, there are some fat cats who will need to be taken down. And that’s where I sure hope Joe will have the kahunas to make that happen because the fatter they are, the louder they squeal, the bigger the boom they make when they fall into the craters of their own making and show us just who they are.

Ann: Really? Biden says he can get along with Mitch McConnell.

John: Maybe. Old Mitch knows on which side his bread is buttered. When they start chasing the money trail, he’s gonna get in line.

Ann: Will he be brought to account?

John: Probably not, but we can hope. There are some that will be, however, some who have worked hand in glove with Russia in a manner which we would have called treason in my day, and they will be exposed.

It’s gonna be a Herculean task to clean out the filth in those stables, I can tell you, filth that you would have thought I would have seen accumulating, but which I ascribed to the political survival instincts of my colleagues rather than plain old graft, and that’s what’s gonna take them down. Follow the money, it will get you every time.

It’ll take time, Annie, we're gonna have to be patient. It will get off to a slow start, but justice will pick them off one by one. Joe is lining up a dead honest, down the line, smart as a whip Justice Department, and they will move forward on their own steam which is what we need from the independent prosecutorial arm of our government.

So take heart, these are the death throes of a dying regime. They will be short lived. What we can do now is to reach out a hand to those who are being harmed. This is when we learn who we are, who our friends are, and where we want our future to be going.

Mark my word, my friends, it will come right if we all lend a hand.

December 27, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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5 comentarios

Amy David
Amy David
29 dic 2020

John, from your new perspective and the clarity you now have, do you have solutions we could contemplate that would really impove our nation? Could you talk to us about the topic of homelessness? Any ideas how to solve it? It is such a horrible problem and yet no city seems to have a clue how to solve it! “Not in my neighborhood” is the only thing city’s understand. these people and their problems are not going away and our response to them has been criminal to say the least.

Me gusta

29 dic 2020

Still....a nod here and there is always noted and appreciated....Mc Cain....was rogue and good looking, hardly cute.

But, best to Pete, as always.

Me gusta

Karen Grace
Karen Grace
28 dic 2020

SO heartening...I have to admit, I'm warming up more and more to Biden, and trusting he can right some wrongs. John's political savvy is reassuring.

Me gusta

28 dic 2020

I think the phrase was intended to apply to John....

Me gusta

28 dic 2020

Pete NEVER calls me "cutie pie", Ann.......I be a tad jealous right about now....

Me gusta
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