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John McCain: Democracy

Ann: Hi John, here I am in Arizona with you on my mind and wondering what you are thinking these days.

John McCain: Hello, Annie, I do believe I put those thoughts into your head. Gotta say, I do think I’m getting pretty handy with this new way of busting through so I can speak with you

We are entering a new phase in this almighty war for the state of our nation. I think I would call it the role of the loyal opposition. As hour by hour Trump’s intentions of grabbing become fleshed out, it would be nice to say that eventually someone will stand up and say no. But my friends, it may take a while or a deeper hole to be dug before that can happen. In the meantime, the loyal opposition must not sit around bitching and moaning but instead, buckle down. Keep track of his every autocratic move, detail each grab for power, follow-up on every Freedom of Information request and never let up on you Congressmen and women.

Never thought I’d say it, but thank God for Mitt Romney. Never my fav, he has all my admiration now. He will pay dearly in the short run, but he stood up and showed us how to vote your conscience. Principles before party. It can be done.

Now we move to create the universe we had hoped would have trickled down from the top. It seems that we will not be saved by a leader so the leaders much be brought to heel by the people. Resolve to do good. Nothing will get under the skin of an oligarch more than that because good cannot be bribed, gas-lighted or demonized. Though it may not seem like it, good has staying power far behind a single gesture or act because it becomes lodged in the souls of the givers and receiver.

Ann: What do you do now?

JMcC: Pretty much what I am doing with you. Keep lighting fires under those I left behind, bringing down mirrors to place in front of my former colleagues in the hope that one day they will be forced to look up, reaching out to those who suffered as I did without the many resources available to me. I believe I can do much good there and would appreciate your sending a message to those men and women who gave and gave and paid dearly in the process.

Ann: Please.

JMcC: The boys I knew who came back from service in war time had the worst of the human animal placed dead in their sights with no alleviatings factors. Even now I cannot tell you why the human race must allow itself to descend to such depth that the remainder of one’s soul is sometimes impossible to retrieve from the shrapnel left from acts of deliberate human cruelty. How to find kindness again? How to find honor? Where in God’s name is the reason for living and why should we care to try?

There is no answer that satisfies. From where I sit, I see that choice to incarnate has propelled some of the darkness to descend and wreak havoc among the human house of cards. Somehow when living, perhaps because of my past history, I knew that these forces must be given no quarter and exposed whenever they are caught slithering through cracks in the human façade.

What you have seen, boys, is the dark underbelly of an unbalanced cosmic force where dark, always meant to contrast and throw into relief the joys of a light-filled existence, has gotten out of hand and tipped the planet off kilter. You with this knowledge can see how important it is to be one of the helpers, to stand again on the front lines - this time in the cause of kindness and compassion.

Do not be fooled by the ravings of those who have turned to scapegoating in order to preserve what they think of as their own importance and survival. Most will fall at the altar of kindness, decency, and compassion. The others must simply be contained.

Your service, your knowledge so dearly bought, will allow you to stand at the gate with understanding of what must be changed. And it will be changed. Even if you do not live to see it, each kindness will plant a seed that will flourish in other lives and generations, and these seeds will grow into a new world order. Look up, my friends and ask for help and you will be given the strength and courage to fight this new war on the home front. You take my admiration and love with you into that battle.

Ann: John, do you like it there?

JMcC: Yes, because now I understand. But I am too shortly transitioned to be comfortable. I want with desperate need to help those I left in such an untimely fashion and have been allowed to attempt to do so from this vantage point. I have come to you and others with varied success. I believe I am being taught that attachment even to “good” causes can hinder progress. And yet everyone agrees that any help in raising consciousness is a worthwhile endeavor which could have positive long term consequences, and that is why I am supported in doing this work.

Ann: Are we doomed?

JMcC: Absolutely not. We are just not too bright, so it is taking us a long time to learn on which side our bread is buttered, so to speak.

February 7, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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