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John McCain: Good and Evil

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Senator John McCain is a force to be reckoned with and his passion has not abated with his death. He insisted that this message needed to get out, because, as he will tell you, though good will triumph eventually, we need to combat the evil that confronts now. Though I can't follow everything he says, I think his is an important voice which needs to be heard. Besides that, I like him.

"We can take this country back or not. It’s up to us, it is not too late."

Ann: Senator, I gather you had something you wanted to say about evil.

John McCain: Yes, Ann, I appreciate your taking my call, so to speak.

You hear all those new agers talking about peace and light and little pink clouds, and I guess that’s ok, but it’s not ok to turn a blind eye to the force of evil in the world. Yes, I’ve been here long enough to know that the evil ones get to heaven sooner or later no matter what a son of a gun they were when they were living, but, let me tell it to you straight, there’s evil around us, and you’re crazier than a bed bug if you ignore that fact. Even the happy warriors like David, Anita, and yourself are not naïve enough to go off half-cocked without a care in the world as to what might be waiting to waylay them.

So I want to say to you folks sitting in your cozy homes by the fire in the midst of a snowy evening that it doesn’t have to be that way. In the blink of any eye the bad guys can come over the ridge and into your house and kill, maim, or torture every one of you. Why do you think I was such a hawk? Why do you think I wanted to draw the line on other parts of the planet? I wanted to keep that horror, and believe me it is horror, always from my family and friends, away from my constituents and away from this country. And if we could do this, maybe a more peaceful way of living could develop for us all who could see our "city on a hill."

However, our idiotic “leader,” if one can blaspheme so far as to call him that, is clueless as to whom he is getting in bed with and how they would love to topple this country and our democratic system into rubble beyond repair. Wake up, people. Even the most kind-hearted and naïve liberal would fight to stop that from coming, and yet the very sources of our armed forced are cheering him on because they think – correctly – that the ruling classes don’t give a fig about them and their families long as there’s enough money to keep them floating.

It may take a disaster to wake us up, but perhaps not. I am placing my faith in the ever reliable moral vacuum that is our president. It’s gonna get hard for even the blindest of my former colleagues to put up with the disgusting lies and corrupt practices that make up the core of this administration and put our nation in peril. So let him go his length until denial is no longer an option.

When you see any family threatened by his policies, remember that your family could be next, and stand up and proclaim that the emperor has no clothes, that he speaks with forked tongue, and that he is not fit to be anywhere near the children or the youth of our country - let alone have power over our armed forces. We can take this country back or not. It’s up to us, it is not too late. An army of the underserved can do it if we work together for the good of all.

December 1, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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David Johnson
David Johnson

Love and respect John.



I am very grateful for John McCain's words of wisdom and warning but I'm not sure if they will be heeded in time. Lately what I have been hearing are so many contradictory things, I'm more confused than ever about what next year will bring?



I have the feeling that Senator McCain can see even more from this vantage point than he could before, is that correct Ann? I have no doubt that he is correct and still trying to get people to see the light. We do need to take our country back, free children in cages and fix so many things that have been turned upside down. Thank you Senator McCain for still looking out for our country and our peoples best interest and thank you Ann.

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