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John McCain: How Will Lindsey Graham Vote?

Ann: John, I gather you want to weigh in on this?

John McCain: Sure do. I gotta say, this is really great, dead and still talking, never did occur to me that that might be possible.

A: Yes, well, it is kind of fantastic, but, back to the subject at hand, is Lindsey Graham going to vote to convict Trump?

JMcC: You know, I keep sending him the image of my thumbs down vote on repealing Obamacare, one man against the mob, but he can’t hear or see me. So unless something comes to light that makes him wake up from this deep sleep of inner abandonment, no, he will go down for the count with the President. Even if Trump is exposed as the lily-livered, treasonous coward that he is, Lindsey will stand by and condemn himself to a hell of his own choosing.

A: Can’t you help him?

JMcC: I’m trying, Annie, I’m trying, but he feels he has no place else to go.

A: Why? He never seemed to be like that.

JMcC: Well, I think he was, though I didn’t know it then. He's just not a strong man. He likes notoriety, but that’s not all, there’s something deep, something buried that he cannot allow to come to the light of day and therefore thinks he has no choice but to allow himself to be trampled into the dust rather than reveal it.

A: Who, what? Does he have a child or a loved one he is protecting?

JMcC: I would like to think so, but no. He simply cannot face the prospect of losing his office, his identity, his self as he sees it, the image that his reality cannot match. To coin a phrase, the Emperor’s lieutenant, like the Emperor, has no clothes.

A: Really? Is he that shallow?

JMcC: No, he’s not. If I could just get to him to shake some sense into him and let him allow himself to do the unexpected, to give no quarter to the blackmail, to the sword that’s held over his head, whatever it is, he could die a martyr rather than a coward. I still pray for this, please pray with me.

A: John, I think I am listening to someone else and not hearing you clearly. Would you be kind enough say this again?

JMcC: Sure, let me make this crystal clear: Ann, Lindsey is a lost soul. He is not suffering under threat of harm to a loved one. He is suffering from fear of becoming redundant and irrelevant and seeing himself shamed. He has allowed his insecurities to “trump” his knowledge of right and wrong, and we are all paying for it. Perhaps if Trump does something so egregious as to put the nation in direct peril, Lindsey may tack back to shore, but, absent that, and it grieves me to say it, don’t get your hopes up.

December 8, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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