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John McCain: Impeachment

I have been aware of Senator McCain for several days, and, finally, yesterday when I was at Panera Bread having lunch, he became so insistent that I stopped and transcribed what he was saying while sitting in the restaurant. It felt important so I put it up on the blog right away.

As is not unusual, I was pretty flattened after that session. I think it may be something about changing the frequencies in my body in order to hear what these folks are saying that leaves me a bit spacey, and I frequently get lost if I try to drive somewhere right after a session. So as I was weaving my way out of the restaurant, the Senator seemed to notice my disorientation and slapped me on the shoulder with a big grin on his face and said, "Buck up!" From that I took it that he would be back. And now he is as Anita* informed me.

"Wake up, people!

We are about to lose something precious that can’t be replaced with a tax deduction or a new job or a better car."

Ann: OK, I hear you. Anita says you have something more to say.

Senator John McClain: That I do, Annie. Feel a little better now? I think I kinda bowled you over the other day. Sorry about that, I have had that effect on some folks, but it's important to get this out there.

A: Right. Have at it.

SJM: Yes. I wonder if all the folks listening to the impeachment hearings have any idea what a privilege it is to live in a country where such a thing is possible. It is only through the enormous sacrifices of those who have gone before us, those who held on by the skin of their teeth to the ideals this country instilled in the Constitution that we can sit here tonight and take pot shots at each other and lie and scheme and slander those who want to bring the truth to light.

Now we’re not that different from many of those in political life that came before us, and that’s why our Founding Fathers put all these checks and balances in place - because they knew we are a pack of junkyard dogs when you take our leashes off.

But look what happens when the door is opened. Some brave patriots step through it and put those bottom feeders to shame. Now that Gordon Songland ain’t no saint, and he’s out to save his ass, but he stood up as far as he thought he could without confessing to several felonies of which he, by God, is as guilty as sin. With his half-assed performance, we can see that some of those he worked with carried the flame of the United States Constitution in their hearts and knew that we must defend it or we will become just another plutocracy feeding the rich who don’t give a good goddamn about those rights and privileges that, however imperfect, our system strives to protect.

Listen up, people! Don’t let this time go past. Shoot a little jumpin’ juice into your elected representatives, and let them know that, unless they start standing up for your rights instead of their own entrenched interests, it’s bye-bye in the car to their careers. I don’t really give a damn why they stand up, just get them to tell the truth by whatever means you have to hand....that is, legal and constitutional means. Civil disobedience is still available as a last resource.

Wake up, people! We are about to lose something precious that can’t be replaced with a tax deduction or a new job or a better car. Oh I know it’s hard. I know. But do it. Integrity can’t be bought and sold. Find yours and hang on to it with both hands. I am here fighting for you still. There is a better world available, not just in my present location but in your, in our, country right now. Make it happen.

November 20, 2019


All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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