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John McCain: It Stops Here

We are turning the corner now,

and we will need every hand on deck to advance the course.

Ann: John?

John McCain: Finally. I have been pounding the desk, jumping up and down and yelling at the top of my lungs, metaphorically speaking, to get your attention. .

We are seeing the inevitable results of corruption at the highest level as sycophants and cowards who rolled over before the tactics of a bully begin finally to see real time consequences. It is not surprising that so many were caught up in allure of power and money. All it took was one step down the ladder and then the next was a full scale slide down to their survival depending on on the good will of the mob boss.

Every mob boss is essentially a blackmailer, and this criminal who called himself a president was a mob boss from the get go. Everything he did proclaimed his identity, and everyone within his sphere was threatened or bribed or both according to their particular vulnerabilities and essentially held hostage by their own lack of character.

It will be a long while if ever before the extent of the tentacles of this corruption are followed to their eventual ends, but now that light is shining on the boss's own fouled nest, some Johnny-come-lately heroes - or so they would like to call themselves - are stepping forward before they are exposed to the full consequences of their actions. Nothing, however, will prevent them being revealed for the yellow bellied cowards they are regardless of the legal reckonings they may try to dodge.

They are just beginning to see that light is the more formidable power, and when that light shines upon your own dark deeds, you had better take the fast track to the other side so that you are once again aligned with real power, this time the real power of truth and justice. Not that these traitors are to be trusted, but en masse they have a story to tell, and that story is beginning to be laid bare for everyone to see.

Joe Biden knows where the bodies are buried. Don’t let his hands-off approach fool you. He knows just who has done what to whom, but he is that rare thing, a man both of honor and political astuteness, and he knows that he has no role to play here if ithe prosecution of a political opponent is to hold true and valid.

Yeah, people wondered if Merrick Garland had a pulse, and, to my way of thinking, they were right, he doesn't, but thank God for it, for in this perilous role he has undertaken he will need steady nerves of and a gut of steel. What he has in abundance is what we need, the slow and steady, turn-over-every-stone approach to the pursuit of justice that moves inexorably but almost invisibly along its way until suddenly an entirely new landscape is revealed. And then, as you may have noticed, the parasites run for cover.

For that is what they were and are. They have forfeited their souls and given over any vestige of vision except that which sees the world through the lenses of their own survival as dictated by the mob boss whom they fear above all others. Now that he is going down along with their illusory protection, watch those rats run for cover.

It will take years to follow each one of the rotten tentacles out to the end of their corrupt machinations. The worship of power, the only thing they believe has any meaning in their terrified little worlds will bring them all down.

Those of you who follow this blog hear from wisdom figures who have shown you where true power lies and that is within you own hearts. Examples of courage are few and far between in this set up, but Liz Cheney stands out head and shoulders above the others, and she will pay dearly in the short run for her fierce and unrelenting focus on the truth. But when the filth that has infected every level of government and much of the private sector is finally exposed, she will be standing head and shoulders above the rest. God save that she use her power wisely.

Exposure is coming on every front imaginable, and few involved will be able to withstand the scrutiny of the bright light of truth. As we watch the slow motion demise of a would-be kleptocracy, it is for each one of us to search our own souls for every instance where we may have been complicit in allowing any such rot to spread.

I was far from blameless myself. I treasured compromise, and used it to serve my vaulting ambition, and yet the love of the One I serve and the angels who stayed with me never let me fall so far into the pit of corruption that I could not see my own compliance.

This is what I ask of you in the name of all you have witnessed here. Name it in your own lives, however small, then do whatever is necessary to stamp out every trace of any such internal corruption.

It can be insidious and take you unawares when you turn your head, retreat into your comfortable shell, or when you make book on someone else’s misery no matter how far removed from you own circumstances. So call it out now and change it over. Pretty soon you will be laughing at each temptation that comes your way, and honor and courage will become your norm.

Look around you my friends. See the road that these clowns have taken and commit to vigilance in taking the opposite course. Every step in the right direction matters. We are turning the corner now, and we will need every hand on deck to advance the course. Step up now, my friends, this is the time we all will be counted.

August 13, 2022

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Aug 14, 2022


Oh, utterly uncannily lovely John communicates at this time! Yet, as with Robin, your messages, Ann, come virtually a day after I attempted to "speak" to them. Uncanny. And absolutely so sincerely welcomed!

Once again, thank you, Ann.

John, we've missed your presence here and are bolstered to know you remain with us.

Emerald Green
Emerald Green
Aug 15, 2022
Replying to

Well said Laurie!

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