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John McCain: No Time To Sit Down!

Ann: Hi John, have you come to shore us up again?

John: Yep, and get all you down at the mouth people up moving and your blood pumping! Honestly, I don’t know how I would have been able to hold myself in check with the destruction of our country that is currently being attempted by my erstwhile party. It won’t work, but I am concerned.

Concerned enough to suggest that the letter writing campaign begin - and anything else you can think of - particularly for those of you with Republican representatives. They need to see that their bread is not just buttered by the Trump extremists – and it isn’t, it’s just that you folks are quieter.

I am waiting with baited breath to see who Joe picks as AG, for that will tell the tale. The problem will be to get them through the firewall of compromised Republicans who see disaster – and financial ruin - looming.

I myself would favor Sally Yates because she’s up and coming and (relatively) young. However, I understand the appeal of the tried and true – witness how my innovative VP pick worked out….

So as long as we have someone with energy, integrity, and competence for AG, we should be ok. What I am looking for is an indication that they are going to root out the treason that has taken hold of the GOP – which ain’t so grand anymore. You have a lot of folks who are riding the rails just scooping up as much as they can for as long as they can, and the country be dammed. Well, they may find that damnation is a double edge sword.

What you have to remember is that we are watching the death throes of a party which is headed for the sidelines. Sorry to say oblivion is not in the cards because we will always have with us those folks who want to exploit the weak for their own benefit.

And, don’t kid yourselves, watch some of those Democrats go the way of all flesh as power seeps into their pores like an addictive drug. I am hoping that there will be enough of the small government/strong defense crowd left of the GOP to at least provide a credible alternative without resorting to raping the defenseless like a lot of folks in government, Republican and Democrat alike, have done

So, my friends, vigilance is the name of the game in this country, and that means that you cannot afford to sit down. We need sustained participatory government to turn this boat around, and we are on our way to getting it done so don’t fade out on me now!

Ann: John, why are still so engaged with our political process? Shouldn’t you be resting on a cloud or something?

John: Annie, you know better than that, no lollygagging around here. And now that I’ve found this channel and some others and still have some of my political chops, maybe I can add a little perspective to what is going on. It’s gonna come out alright as long as we don’t get lazy. Like Auntie says, we just gotta keep marchin’!

December 10, 2020

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