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John McCain on Lindsey Graham

"He is separated from his God."

Ann: Senator? Can you shed some light on Lindsey Graham and what role he is playing?

Senator John McCain: No, Ann, I can’t. All I can think of is that Lindsey is a follower who wanted so bad to be a leader that he finds someone who is and supports that person with his undivided loyalty and to some extent takes on their persona. I would have bet my life that Lindsey would take a bullet for me, would stand between me and any danger, insult, ignominy that tried to come at me.

And then, without me, he immediately went to the next leader he could find with the kind of, forgive me, charisma and power that he needs to make his life of reflected glory meaningful. My heart breaks for him for when he wakes up because it will not be an experience that he will be able to withstand. It is heartbreaking to see this friend of my heart destroy his own soul just because he can’t find his own spine.

Truthfully I did not see this before. I thought he had an independent voice, but perhaps that was because he reflected mine - and you know full well that I charged in where angels feared to tread and not always to my ultimate glory. He is separated from his God. Nothing else would account for this. Whatever mission he thought he was undertaking to keep a corrupt and amoral President near some kind of center lane has gone by the wayside long ago. I would ask those of you watching the disintegration of a man’s soul to spare a moment to step into his shoes and feel his own desperation and rootlessness.

And, sad to say, he is not alone. Only John Bolton who, quite frankly I could not stand although our views were often compatible, is seeing clearly that we have capitulated on the world stage, sacrificed our dominance and position of respect in favor of what our president thought would bring him political benefit. Everyone making this calculus was mistaken and, unless some serious soul searching is done, they will not be able to climb out of the hole they are digging. Oh, they may win some battles, but the war is already lost.

No society can long endure when the well-being of the many is sacrificed so blatantly to the benefit of not just the few but to the tiny fraction of wannabe oligarchs who serve no master other than their own greed and lust for power.

Do not fear, my friends, this type of arrangement can only hold sway with the capitulation of the military, the Departments of State and Defense, the Congress and the Judiciary. Any one holdout can save us. Pick one, my friends, and go to bat. We are all of us indispensable, one by one, as we make our own contribution to taking back the country we love.

November 22, 2019

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Nov 23, 2019

Are all Trump's men willing to take us into Hell with them, Lord I pray not. How sad is it to read Senator McCain's pain at the loss of his good friend to Trump's total darkness and it happened literally overnight Graham went from speaking sanity and in an instant spouting all Trump's bizarre rhetoric. These men Trump so thoroughly converted to being his disciples are tearing our county apart and nobody in the GOP will speak out against them or show any decency. Thank you Senator McCain for being here to help us all, you are still a man of great character but sadly no other Republican has any at all.


Joans Bills
Joans Bills
Nov 23, 2019

Wow, what a tragic story. I hope McCain can reach him and turn Lindsay around.


Nov 23, 2019

Very powerful. It’s helpful to hear this from the senator. Money and power are seductive and it is easy to lose ones way. Thank you Anne. I look forward to your readings.🌻


Nov 23, 2019

Boy that was heart wrenching to read John’s assessment on LG. I knew he was lost. Does one’s heart have to be open to darkness to allow it in? Graham did a 360 degree turn after 1 golf game w/Trump and hasn’t been able to fully explain his abrupt change!

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