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John McCain on Super Tuesday and Its Aftermath

Ann: Hi John, I had two glasses of wine with dinner, still want to talk to me?

Senator McCain: Move than ever, Annie, somehow I think the channel may be even more open. I am really lovin’ this.

Ann: So I gathered as you keep cutting in.

JMcC: Yeah, you love me so you let me.

Ann:You do have a certain undeniable charm…. So what’s up?

JMcC: That stupid election that’s what up. Can you imagine that the best we have to offer is these three crazy old men crowding in on 80? If I were there, I would give them a run for their money.

Ann: Uh, John, how old would you be now?

McC: That is beside the point, I still have the energy and drive.

Ann: And they don’t?

JMcC: Bernie does, he’s a firebrand and devoted to the people he serves, but he’s a one trick pony and can’t see beyond that cause, and we live in a big, mean world. Biden is great, and a friend of mine. He has always wanted to be president – to which I can relate – but…..

Ann: What?

JMcC: I loved him, but we didn’t always see eye to eye. Not saying anymore. Anyway in today’s climate he would be my choice. Anyone other than the President Blowhard whose only mode of communication is lie and lie again.

What I want to say now is that though I had hoped for younger blood, to the extent that energy is lacking from these aging wonders, you folks out there have got to provide it. Biden will be a one termer and may be the best to get us back on to an honorable course because if anybody has a chance of pulling back the remnants of our government it is he, and I am behind him full stop.

Hopefully he will have the sense to pick a younger and more vibrant vice president.

Ann: Who would you choose?

JMcC: No point in asking me, Annie, I ain’t there to call it.

Ann: Well you have this platform – probably a lot of others that I don’t know about.

JMcC: I’m workin’ on it. I would choose the most competent younger person I could find. I made the mistake of going for demographics, and I hope to God Joe doesn’t do the same. Who do we trust to be president, who could handle the job and bring the country, by that I mean the Democrats, disaffected Republicans, and Independents together?

I like Pete, but it’s not his time, completely untested in heavy duty governing. I would like someone with military experience because we’re gonna have that problem rear its ugly head right from the getgo. Failing that, someone who is clear eyed and knows that you can’t be afraid to fight.

Ann: So who?

JMcC: I would lean toward Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren. If Liz could get along with Joe, then I would say she’s the one, but either is damn qualified and would bring some fire to the campaign.

March 5, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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3 commentaires

06 mars 2020

Me too re woman VP, gotta happen sometime.


Maureen Kelly
Maureen Kelly
06 mars 2020

Vi agree that Biden is the best of who is left. Pardon the pun there. Hee!

I would also choose either Liz Warren over Ms. Harris as I would like her as Attorney General. Stacy Abrams would also be an interesting choice.


06 mars 2020

I love hearing from Senator McCain and totally agree with his picks. Would love to see Biden pick a plucky woman as VP that can move to President when his time is done. Apparently Americans are going to have to wrap their minds around female VP first before they can move to a woman President.

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