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John McCain, Robert Kennedy, John Lewis

We are all still fighting on this side

which is only “other” if you aren’t here.

- Robert Kennedy

Ann: John, I’m having a little trouble with the technical stuff here. I understand from Anita* that you are busting a gut to get something on here, and my computer keeps jumping all over. Any chance you could calm it down?

John: Well, I’ll try, Annie, but, suffering succotash, those traitors in my party which, by God is NOT my party, are trying to subvert the voting mechanisms so that they can disenfranchise half the country. I don’t know when I’ve been so mad.

Ann: John. I thought you folks who joined the heavenly host had a beatific point of view.

John: Then you have been mightily misinformed. Do ya think we sit here singing “Kumbaya” and hoping it will all come out in the wash, and peace shall reign forever more?

Ann: Well, yeah, kinda.

John: Annie, we care, we care with everything we got, and, when we see those lemmings trying to lure more lemmings over a cliff, we get agitated. Or at least I do. Jesus just works harder and gets exhausted. Auntie** and I rattle in to fight. It’s all in how we’re structured.

But one thing we don’t have is a go-along-get-along attitude. For God’s sake, girl, this lot is doing its best to destroy the country right out in front of God and everybody. Let em go their length, and you will find the dissenters out in the functional equivalent of Siberia like that poor schmoe, Navalny, who is giving his life so that people can see what there’re dealing with.

We all must be willing to do that and stop it before we have to. We must all see what we see and not turn away. Look at the lies. Call them out every chance you get. Write everyone you can think of. Tell the newspapers that there are people out there who want to hear and see the truth no matter how ugly or beautiful. And there is both out there. but ugly is getting the upper hand right now.

Now I don’t mean that we should despair because old Joe has a steady hand, and he’s not taking it off the tiller. But our law enforcement officers need to be cleaned out and directed at injustice which is their primary function anyway whatever they may think now.

The fear of the other, that is at the root of the power grab by the remnant of a party that once stood for something. But even as I say that, I wonder. That party wasn’t there to help those who were down a rung or two. Individual responsibility was our motto, but when there is no a level playing field, there is no such concept. I see that now.

So now it is up to the Congress in the tiny window of time that they have to change our ways so that every eligible person can cast a ballot. The race for voter suppression is on, and this is where we must make our last stand. It won’t be easy given the way the voting districts have been carved out, but the light of day still shines to expose these little would-be emperors as the truffle pigs they are who go along snuffling in whatever filth they is required to keep the truffles all for themselves.

It’s not over. And it won’t be over while any of us have a breath in our bodies. And yes, Bobby, I know we’re dead and not breathing, but we are still fighting.

Robert Kennedy: Never did I think to hear John McCain give voice to what is near and dear to my heart. And he is right. We are all still fighting on this side which is only “other” if you aren’t here. Just because we don’t have a body does not mean that we don’t have souls to commit to the cause of decency, respect and equal opportunity. We are all joining in on this fight. Elijah?

Elijah Cummings: Yes Bobby, I am here with John who wants to have a word.

John Lewis: I have held off from entering this or other forums because it is important to let each generation fight its own battles, but such is the pressures upon our democratic system, that I feel moved to step up and make my presence known.

All of us are with you, Martin, Malcom, John, Abraham, Harriet and many others too numerous to name. Feel our power. Take some of into your own hearts and press forward. Do no harm. Never forget that. But move forward nevertheless.

Our freedom can and will be accomplished. We should not have expected a group so accustomed to privilege to give up and disappear without a trace. This is a long war, not to be one in one or two elections but in the hearts and mind of people who have had more than one lifetime to recognize the filth promulgated by a crowd who only wants to steal what is not and never has been theirs, that is, the right of each sacred soul to self-determination, and that means their right to vote in this country.

Now we are down to it, the last ditch battle for the soul of this nation and its people. Shine every light you can on those who would steal our birthright. Then keep that light shining because whoever gets on top will try to coopt its powers for themselves. Politics is eternal temptation and eternal vigilance is required, never more so than now.

Don’t give up and don’t let me down. This is a battle we can win.

John, Bobby, Elijah: Amen.

March 2, 2021

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Mar 03, 2021

Boy, I am in Canada in this lifetime, but feel the call they are asking. I will do some thinking about how we can get this message out to more. This is a long fight as they say, so we have to be vigilant, and reach out to people in such a way so they respond open-mindedly, as this affects the world and reflects what has already happened in some places.

Thank you all for your messages.


Betty Jean
Mar 03, 2021

It really helps to know we have help "from the other side", Thanks to all.


Mar 03, 2021

Yes, "This is a battle we can win." These emotions shared with us are real to ensure we do not become comfortable with Joe Biden's victory. We still must persevere and help our brothers and sisters. Thank you Ann for your gift to channel such distinct personalities and thanks to all of them.

Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Mar 03, 2021
Replying to

This is not just about helping our brown sisters and brothers; rather it is about creating a culture and country based on fairness and equality. As Emma Lazarus said, "Until we are all free, none of us are free."

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