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John McCain Steps In

Anita* called me to say that John McCain was jumping up and down and wanted to put something up here. So I took the hint - or rather, the kick in the pants.... He is a steam engine, thank the goddess.

Ann: OK, John, you just bumped Richard, Miriam,** and a couple of other projects….just kidding. As always, I am thrilled and honored to hear from you.

John: Get a trowel, Annie, so you can shovel it on thicker. But yes, it is important for me to speak to you and everyone out there this morning because we have to rally the troops, something that Miriam** and your readers in their comments are already doing.

First thing, people, did you really think it would be a walk in the park? Power is not disgorged lightly, and when they pay off their supporters with money and psalms to their superiority - not to mention corrupting various parts of the system - we can expect that they won’t just fold their tents and go away. We’re in for the fight of our lives, my friends, but, one way or another, we will win it.

The baseline of defense is within our own souls. If we don’t carry the light there, how can we expect it to be carried elsewhere? I am delighted to see that my home state is headed generally in the right direction, and, though I take no credit for the movement which has been carried on the backs of so many, I do note the many people who have stood up to say enough, myself included. This outward action has only been possible because of a foundation built and strengthened through previous wars and the commitment solidified there.

Ann: Can you hang on, john, got a few distractions here?

John: No worries, I can talk over that. What I am saying is that each of us has the truth within us, and, if we let some setback here or there shut us down, we are not ready for the big time.

So take note of how you feel this morning. Is your resolve is strengthened or do you feel like slinking off into a corner? Oh, I understand the feeling, but give it a pat on the head and send it on its way, we have work to do.

This was never a going to be a cakewalk, my friends. Even if things had gone our way, we would have had to resist the temptation to sit back on our laurels and let the “big guys” take care of things.

What you have seen today is that there are no big guys, only us soldiers in the trenches. But, take note, people we are the ones who will win the war.

So let’s get up and keep marchin’ as Auntie would say. We are developing a battle seasoned army, and that, along with the Divine Light of our Creator, will carry us through.

November 4, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.**Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

**Please reread previous post by Mary Magdalene, "Hang In." in light of today's news, it was prescient.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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