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John McCain: Wowza!!!

"Supreme Court, 7 -2. There is a god."

Ann: John? You think this is a win?

John: Oh yeah. Annie, you don’t seem to get it. "The mills of the Lord grind slow but they grind exceeding fine." Or as someone said, “The truth will out.” And it has.

And here you are, Miss Glass Half-Empty, all down at the mouth because you won’t get to see the absolute proof that Trump is a traitorous bastard before the election. Look up, girl, look up. His Supreme Court has broken with him and his Attorney General and refused to crown him Most High Exalted Supreme Leader. He has nowhere to go but down, honey, just you wait.

Now you may sense a bit of unholy glee on my part, and I am ashamed to say that you would be right - and not least of all because those sycophants in my former party that have followed him down in corruption and dishonesty are about to get their comeuppance.

It will be a long climb up out of the swamp he said he was going to drain, but it is beginning. There is a bulwark in our democracy, and it included the unlikely votes of his own handpicked justices. There is a god, honey, in case you ever doubted it.

Bty, I sure appreciated what Thomas, who didn’t doubt but simply questioned, had to say. (See previous post.) More of us should think about taking to heart his strictures to focus on the LIght.

But that doesn't mean ignoring the presence of dark energies. As you know I was a military man, both in experience and inclination. What this past stretch has shown us is that our founders were right to put the military in the hands of the civilian government.

What Trump has shown us is that the civilian government needs some checks and balances of its own. Government, including the military, must be for protection and not aggression. I know that may sound odd coming from me, but I am capable of learning, and I have picked up a thing or two in my current tour of duty.

Hey! Annie! Yo! Talking to you here! Where’d you go?

Ann: Sorry, John, lost my focus there for a moment.

John: And why is that, do you think?

Ann: Don’t know, you are usually the easiest for me to hear and transcribe.

John: Could it be that I am saying things you don’t want to hear? You don’t like thinking that we need defenses, that darkness is real, that we must be vigilant. You would prefer to reside on a cloud.

Ann: Yes, ok, good point. And I should know better after my recent experience. (See post, “Defeating Darkness,” on July 8, 2020.)

John: Yeah, you should, but you are not alone in thinking that, after one victorious encounter, the beast is back in the box for good. Don’t fall prey to that wishful thinking.

Every day we must call on the power of the Light to protect and defend us, to carry us forward in its service. I may have been a little overly aggressive, but I was not wrong on that point, i.e., that vigilance must be as close to us as a second skin. We serve our Creator who allows us to choose dark or light every moment of every day. We must be conscious of our choices and make them wisely.

Today, some of the most improbable soldiers have delivered the goods on behalf of the Light. Let us take a moment to give thanks for their courage - and to hope that such courage infects all of us, not least those few remaining honorable members of my erstwhile party.

My friends, we can turn the corner now if we are vigilant and we choose to do so. Call on me, I am here to serve.

July 10, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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4 commentaires

10 juil. 2020

Absolutely agree, jhe0811!


10 juil. 2020

Some of my favorite posts are the ones from Senator McCain. Probably because he can directly relate to the train wreck our country is currently experiencing and is ready to stand up a fight for what is right even from the great beyond. I have a feeling he is helping guide his former campaign manager Steve Schmidt and others in the Lincoln Project with their work. They have some of the most effective material out there.


10 juil. 2020

I agree, Molly, I love reading for him, always end up with a smile on my face.


10 juil. 2020

I look forward to your missives from the Senator. His positive energy is palpable. Thx for the reminder to focus on the light while maintaining vigilance!

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