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Julius Caesar: We have Been Here Before

Anita* told me that Julius Caesar had something to say here. Having always considered him to be an unsavory character, I asked for a reference.

Ann: Richard, Merlin, is he ok?

Merlin: Yes. He has learned, and he has something to say. Stay on your guard, and all will be well

Ann: Mr. Caesar? Julius? Anita said you have something for the blog. We don’t really offer space to dictators here so I am wondering what you can offer here that will be of benefit.

Julius Caesar: Julius will do, Caesar was simply a title - and undeserved one at that.

I do not wonder at your reticence to receive me here because in my lifetime I took the immense gifts I had been given and used them to construct an Empire devoted to myself and my interests to the exclusion of all else.

However, as Merlin as indicated, I have, with time and instruction, come to see the error of my ways. While I cannot atone (for there is no such thing as atonement), I can offer as a cautionary tale my experience in that lifetime. I have had many since then, and I have learned through hard trial and excruciating experience what it is to be on the receiving end of those who would grab power at the expense of others.

You have, I believe, a would-be Caesar in your midst who also managed to grab power, in his case by lies and sheer audacity. However, in contrast to myself, he had neither the wits nor the discipline to keep that power even for a little while. What he did do, as all despots do, is release the curse of untrammeled ambition into the atmosphere so that any who were so inclined were enabled and empowered by his example.

This can and did serve to create some success for the short term, but around the corner for those wedded to this course there is always betrayal. There is, in fact, no honor among thieves, and you are currently watching that truism playout in real time. It is always so no matter how cleverly the would-be tyrant is disguised.

In my time I couched my rule on the benefits of universal peace – a great benefit but only as long as the various parties under my sway complied to the letter with my constructs. And to some extent that was true – if you don’t count the millions I sacrificed to my naked ambition.

Perhaps most frightening for me from my current perspective is that I was successful. I turned my considerable talent to the perpetuation of my own glorification and, in the process, sowed the seeds for my own destruction in the hearts of those I oppressed.

So it is today you are seeing the fallout from naked imperialism redux. Coming from the successful imposition of capitalism run amok in his private life, your erstwhile leader expected and imposed no bounds to his expanding ambition.

Couched in the flag and a return to rule by the so-called superior race, he played to the latent insecurities and frustrations of a shifting populace where one faction saw him as the means for reclaiming their dominant and, to their minds, justly anointed position in the society. The means were of no account, the result was all.

Gradually it had been born upon some of these followers that the game was not worth the candle because they, like everyone else, would be sacrificed to the naked ambition of their would-be emperor.

Can you see the similarities in the train of events now and in my long ago time? What I set in motion eventually resulted in an all-powerful emperor who, far from standing next to God, claimed to have supplanted him instead.

Fortunately, your aspiring emperor is a bumbler as well as a megalomaniac, and as such, his betrayal and downfall have been accelerated and are now well on the way to completion. What took centuries in my era has taken place in a matter of a few years in yours.

As exposure becomes the increasing order of the day, this "emperor" will be revealed to be without clothes of any sort – and by that I mean his power and the financial empire upon which it was based will crumble upon exposure to the light of day and the legal system. His followers will try to reconstruct his strategy for success, but since it was based exclusively on meanness and lies with no ideological underpinnings, they too will have nothing with which to hide their increasingly naked ambition.

There is a higher calling. There is a spiritual imperative, and there is a better way to govern, perhaps not as immediately effective, but in the long run more stable because with democracy there is always a release valve in an equal access voting system.

Of course, as you have noticed this is the first line of attack by the Philistines,** (I know, I tried it) but eventually those who demand unquestioned obedience will get their comeuppance.

Then the task will be to constrain their successors. You have only to cleave to the truth recognize your own impetus to control and power and to therefore temper your actions with understanding, vision, and self- discipline. Your government was conceived on this basis with the notion that checks and balance would be necessary to avert the conversion of democracy to oligarchy, and in fact, though impaired, the system is still holding.

What is required is a re-energized populace. Some will not embrace this system preferring to cling to the pretensions of the cock upon its dunghill. But many have seen what was not seen before, and that is that a society built on oppression is destined to fail, that inclusion is the only way to move into understanding and light.

Your government, though struggling, is still intact and has not yet descended into despotism. If you stay vigilant, do your part, it will be reclaimed.

June 30. 2021

* Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

*Philistines: In common parlance, a person who is hostile or indifferent to culture or history and who has no understanding of them. Historically a member of a non-Semitic people of ancient southern Palestine, who came into conflict with the Israelites during the 12th and 11th centuries BC.

Image credit: Illustration on lessons from Julius Caesar by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Lynn Gore
Lynn Gore
Jul 01, 2021

Thank you Ann for sharing this message. It gives us the hope that all will be well if we stay the course and that yes, we all should have the right to vote, no matter ethnicity, religion, etc. Love and inclusivity will win. 😘😘🙏🙏


Jun 30, 2021

What a humble man! Wonder how many lifetimes he had to live to reverse his thinking. I also get the feeling that those on the other side are monitoring what happens on earth. He sees Trump getting what's coming to him. Thank you, Ann and Julius. This is a great post.


Jun 30, 2021



Jun 30, 2021

This post was surprising, powerful and gives much hope. Your gifts are amazing Ann and much thanks for sharing this message from Julius.

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