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Martin Luther King, Jr.: Being Dead

Once again Anita* is telling me that Dr. King has something he wants to say here. Apparently being dead was on his mind.

" I love that the light is unobstructed, but I yearn to be a force within the human heart that allows others to feel and see the light."

Ann: Good morning, Dr. King, Anita said you have a message for the blog.

Dr. King: Yes, I do, Ann. I want to talk about being dead. So many people think “dead” is the answer to our problems. I cannot give credence to that hope. Life is a continuum. Life and death are merely stopovers along the way.

A: Do you like being dead?

MLK: Yes, Ann, I do in many ways, for there are no barriers between the soul and its Creator. Nevertheless, the force inside me that pushed me while living has not abated. Ask yourself, do you not feel a propulsion in your soul? Do you not ask yourself why you have come to this world? Can you not feel deep in your heart that you are unfinished?

A: Yes.

MLK: And everyone one of us, if we look closely enough, feels the same. Death does not stop that propulsion because that is the force of our Creator asking us to come home, not just as if we have never left but home with our understanding deepened and purified by our experiences of waiting, of asking, of despairing, and finally in moments of ecstasy of knowing that we are more than the sum of our parts. It is this knowledge that makes the human animal divine, and each, and every one of us carry that flame of truth deep within our core whether or not our minds have made the connection.

A: Monday is the day on which your birth and life are celebrated. What does that mean to you?

MLK: It means, Ann that I had some small part in shining a light on the path that helps us reach for the light. I have come to you today to ask that you set down these words on your blog so that any who read them might take a few moments to recognize their own holy origins. Trust me, when you are in my condition, and you will be, you will not question your place as a beloved child of God.

Ann, these are perilous times but that does not mean that we employ the tools of darkness to find our way through. Instead we listen to the light within us to guide us through.

A: Dr. King, I am so sorry, but I am getting text messages, phone calls, someone knocking on the door, the dogs are going crazy, I cannot hear all of what you are saying, and it is driving me crazy.

MLK: Perfect case in point. We all have to attend to the interruptions and worse that rule our days on earth. If you cannot hear right now, come back later. We in heaven have plenty of time and patience. I am not ephemeral and neither are you. I will not disappear just because your life has intruded upon our conversation. It is in these very matters, big and small, distraction or trauma, that we learn to carry our knowledge of the light in the center of our hearts. Without these events, the light cannot be realized, for its power is felt only when it lights our way through life’s difficulties.

Perhaps, Ann, today you could try “going back to center” when frustrations or worse occur. In each such occurrence, we deepen our faithfulness to God by staying with him in times of trial. He never leaves us; we must learn to stay with him. Say my name, call on Jesus, Buddha, Allah or whatever earthly or higher power guides your way, and then notice how your being realigns.

And back to your question about whether I like being dead. I love that the light is unobstructed, but I yearn to be a force within the human heart that allows others to feel and see the light. You allowing me access here is one of the ways I am carrying on this work.

A: What are the other ways?

MLK: My voice is still powered by the energy that I brought to my life as Martin Luther King Jr. I am sending it to any of you who wish to speak with me. If you will be open enough in your heart to do so, we can learn together to walk the expanding path of the Lord.

There are more of us working in this way than you may realize, some cannot articulate what moves within them, but their lives speak volumes, and in death they do the same. I extend an invitation to any of you who want to walk with me or in my way to reach out a hand to me or the guide of your heart. There are many of us who would be privileged to answer.

January 18, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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David Johnson
David Johnson
20 de jan. de 2020

Usual magic. Thanks.

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