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Martin Luther King Jr.: Taking The Journey Together

Once again we begin the journey of a thousand steps.

Ann: Dr. King?

Dr. King: Yes. I appreciate the shout out from Mr. Lincoln, a man well versed in travelling the hard way. And that is what many of us are asked to do now. Our society has gotten itself in a fix – not that we weren’t already there and had been for years – but now the politics of exclusivity has received permission to procreate, and its followers are spreading out into the open for all to see.

Because of this, we have many in government who have been subjected to compromise and extortion on more than one front and, because of lack of grounding in strong spiritual principles, they have given into these pressures.

But, not to worry, there are still some holdouts left! I smiled to see the diverse team of impeachment managers this week tweak the edges of the so-called conservatives' comfort level with the evidence of the outright revolution that is the logical conclusion of their surrender to greed and darkness.

We have seen the power that comes from the darkest part of the human heart clearly exposed, that power that says “I, I am the one, I am enough, I will take what I want because I am more important than anyone else.”

It is a sight to behold, but, my friends, I have to tell you I am enjoying that sight because now there is no place for them to hide. You either condone lies and betrayal or you don’t, and when they turn their backs on truth, as many will, and surrender to that “I” factor, they will reveal for all to see the dark part of their character, and many will refuse to follow .

So do not lose heart as you see the cowardly retreat of the weak into their limited understanding and world view. Simply keep your eyes on the quiet progression of truth and justice. It will take time, but it is coming. All mighty waters start as a single stream, and many have joined that stream now and in times past.

Once again we begin the journey of a thousand steps, for each generation must take that journey from the beginning, even as we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before. Each person starts from their own beginning in the lifetime of their choosing. Each makes a new commitment and agrees to take up the mantle of those who went before so that each of those little streams continue to the mighty river of righteousness as it sweeps all before it so that each of us has a place on this planet, and the “I’s” no longer have the control over the rest.

It is and will be a long road, I will not lie to you, but with each of you taking that journey, the road of justice will widen for those who follow.

Come with me and celebrate the love of the Lord. We take this journey together, not in hatred, for hatred saps our strength and our courage. We take this journey bathed in the light of our Creator that will keep us warm as we move ever closer to the creation of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Thank you for the time and space allotted me here. There are many of us on this side walking with you on this journey.

February 11, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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