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Mary Magdalene: Another Take On "The Other Side"

Is it better on the other side?

I have been hearing Miriam's voice more insistently of late - she stepped into a recent reading to offer her insight - and was encouraged to offer this meditation to all of you.

Ann: Miriam? You wanted to speak with us about the other side?

Miriam: Yes, Ann, I did. Many of your visitors have offered inspiring and accurate descriptions of the worlds beyond this one, and I am delighted to add my voice to those who assure you that we do not live in vain, that our sufferings have meaning beyond what our human minds can comprehend, and that understanding will come. However, I do wish to weigh in on the idea that the world to come is better in all respects than the one in which we now dwell.

It is fuller, no doubt, and it is more complete, but it, like life on this planet, is still evolving. We do not rest in the world after death. We continue our endeavours to expand the light of creation, and this is work that never ends, work that takes effort and commitment.

Do you know, I have never seen a cherub dancing around the clouds aimlessly? Everyone here is focused on learning, expanding and offering his or her unique and developing talents to the evolving tapestry of the multiversal creation. We all count, we all contribute, and we all work our little buns off in this world and the next. And it is that work, on and off the planet, that brings us fully into the joy of creation, a joy that can be experienced in the body or not.

My particular work is focused on the developing auras and soul journeys of the downtrodden, those without power who are, in fact, radiant beyond belief. Women, children, the underserved, animals, and sentient beings of every description among many others, form parts of this population. Our universal education allows us many revolving experiences. Power and subjugation each have much to teach us as we return each time to this planet to educate and test ourselves in the service of our Creator.

Should you want my help, I am available to each and every one of you for guidance, support, or just plain ole commiseration as I know from personal experience and not just in the life in the time of Jesus of Nazareth the difficulties and challenges of the earth’s atmosphere.

So call my name, Miriam, Miriam of Magdala as I was called in that lifetime, and I will answer.

April 20, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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3 comentarios

21 abr 2020

My whole body was vibrating as I read this! Thank you Miriam and Ann for bringing thru this message.

Me gusta

20 abr 2020

Beautiful ! thank you with all my heart!!💞💞💞

Me gusta

Janice Powers
Janice Powers
20 abr 2020

Thank you. That was very powerful.

Me gusta
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