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Mary Magdalene: Are You Off Balance?

Ann: Hi Miriam, could use some help, it feels like the world is tilting out of control...

Miriam: Yes, Ann, thanks for getting in touch. I can feel your center column swaying, pushed to and fro by the various winds in your life and those now shaking world order. They are not unrelated.

Many are in the same boat, for we are going through an unpredictable period of rapid change. Because these matters will not be of quick resolution, it is imperative for each of you to develop a stalwart nature that can carry you through tough times without serious injury.

Many of you are beginning to embrace the challenges before you, and this makes the hearts of your friends in Spirit take flight with happiness and carry you along with us for when you move with the flow of divine endeavour, you shift almost instantaneously from confused and anxious to steady and smiling - even if some of those smiles come through tears.

When you feel anxiety beginning to get the upper hand, notice how you seem to assume that everything is your responsibility, success or failure on your shoulders alone, and so you must ramp up your game such that every minute of every day you are on guard.

This, my friends, as I can say from personal experience, is the ego rearing its ugly head. We are none of us in charge except in what we create of the life that has been given us.

We must do what we can, and try to keep our focus there. Set aside the sturm and drang. Simply look away, do not allow yourself to be drawn in to a downward vortex. Do this with perseverance and confidence in your Creator, and you will be able to move with all deliberate speed to improve the situation before you without bankrupting your nervous system.

Many of you are in recovery mode now, but you do not need to suffer anxiety and emotional swings in order to be effective or to convince yourself that you are on the job. Readjust your focus when you feel anxiety build up. Then take time out for consultation with your guides and spiritual friends. In this way, you will build up your resources and resilience, and be ready to rebuild when the time is right.

We walk with you.

February 24, 2022

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia, Out of Control.

*Referred by Anita Sacco. See Recommended Channelers on this blog.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Feb 26, 2022

That pesky ego once again! Love Miriam's words and advice that it is ok tp

Simply look away, do not allow yourself to be drawn in to a downward vortex.

Much thanks to her and Ann for channeling her message!

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