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Mary Magdalene: Faith

Sometimes we go through a stretch when nothing seems to work from the ridiculous to the sublime to the mundane. So I asked.

Ann: Good morning, Miriam, got any ideas as to what is going on?

Miriam: (Smiling) Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Ann: Seriously? And how do you know that expression?

Miriam: Yes, seriously, so smile, it’s not necessarily a part of God’s plan when you drop a cup of tea or the plumbing doesn’t work.

And don’t think that we don’t keep up. I use the words and the knowledge and expressions to which you have access to communicate with you. It really would not work if I were speaking in ancient Hebrew.

Ann: I suppose not, but think what it would do for my faith (not to mention my credibility) if I could hear and understand Ancient Hebrew when I can barely stumble through in English.

Miriam: Ann, we have enough to concern ourselves with without getting into the why’s and wherefores of Ancient Hebrew. We, all of us, speak to you, to each of you, in the language and concepts with which you are most comfortable, and, while there may be those such as Edgar Cayce (who by the way would like a word) who can channel ancient knowledge, today we are working with you and are taking you where you are.

Because you do not quite believe in us, you are limited in what you receive. You, my dear, are a friend of my heart, and it will not surprise you to hear again that those around you in the time of Jesus enjoyed your acerbic wit and somewhat cynical take on all that was transpiring in those troubled and seminal times. You were not exactly a wet blanket, but you did not expect much from the world around you, and, although you would and did work your fingers to the bone in support of the Way, you never really in your heart of heart embraced it fully.

And it is much the same today.

Ann: Yeah. I try, but that old cynical self and relentless questioner still comes to the fore.

Miriam: And a good thing too, for what would you get out of the beings that come here if you let them sail in and out without a little cross examination? Yet, the cynical self that asks the questions that everyone has for Spirit is gradually giving way before the unstoppable march of Spirit in your life that defies the chances of mere coincidence. For you, like many who question and struggle, trust is coming to the fore.

Sometimes this is a consequence of age because a clearly guided pattern emerges over time when events which have transpired over time build up to an undeniable conclusion.

Other times a soul comes into this world with its spiritual life and connection so intact that the rest of life is spent trying to balance that life, that knowledge, with what appears to be incompatible earthbound circumstances.

Regardless of our starting point, the ending is the same, a joyful reunion in Spirit with the friends and families who make up our overarching clan. If we open our minds and hearts, suspend disbelief just for a moment or two, this clan, our helpers will make themselves known.

The universe was not created to end in horror. Those elements were visited upon the earth by misguided adventurers in human form, and they too will come back into the fold sooner or later.

We come here to encourage each of you to take the trip under your own power and help others to do the same. The earth is in crisis. If necessary, she will bring us back into service by calamity and disaster, but it does not have to be that way.

In each person’s heart, a different decision can be made, and that is how all of us will be saved the longer journey.

March 25, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Mar 25, 2021

Yes, I think Miriam's energy is strong and loving. A great female role model for the 21st century and beyond. Thank you!


Mar 25, 2021

I love hearing from Mary Magdalene. after listening to many channelings by Jesus— he has a great sense of humor. The women from that time and now in spirit come across as quite strong in their faith and yet so gentle and loving at the same time. 🙏❤️

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