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Mary Magdalene: Friendship

Friendship is one of the blessings of each and every lifetime.

Ann: Hi Miriam, I have been feeling you around me, so grateful for your presence and your friendship.

Miriam: As we are grateful for yours, and as such, I have been wanting to talk to you about friendship. One way and another it has been on your mind. What it is, who are your friends, what can you ask of it, and what can you give to it?

Friendship is one of the blessings of each and every lifetime. Each experience builds upon the others, sometime for growth, sometimes slipping back into further confusion.

Friends are on a level playing field with each other, neither leading nor following, neither judging nor oblivious to challenges. A friend is one on whom you can count to give you the skinny - whether or not it is what you want to hear. And if you choose not to hear it, that friend will go with you where you need to go, and together you can laugh at the ups and downs of your mutual journeys, for friendship is at its core a mutual relationship, a meeting, not necessarily of the minds though that can happen, but always, always a connection of the hearts.

Why one person is a friend and not necessarily another is a matter not simply or proximity or circumstance but of complementary vibrations, perhaps built up over multiple lifetimes, so that each finds in the other a safe place to be, to exchange stories, to laugh and grieve and evolve in whatever manner life offers.

A true friend allows the other freedom to choose, to grow or not in their own time and place. And though a friend may think they have a better way, they do not impose their ideas on the other. They wait to see, and in the fullness of time, surprising epiphanies often occur for both.

A word here also about betrayal. It happens, and it happens to everyone. It happens when the bonds of friendship are set aside to gratify the strivings of the ego whether in jealousy, competition, lust, insecurity, or fear. Not everyone can stand up to the demands of steadfast friendship, and some of us fall short leaving behind a trail of sorrow and heartache.

Please, my friends, and yes, I call you that, do not let such betrayals tempt you to respond in kind, for that creates or can prolong what may have been a previous cycle of unresolved attachment and loss. When your friend betrays you, give them a blessing, let them go to find their own resolution, and turn your attention to you spiritual guides, yes, your friends from other dimensions, who will help you to keep your heart steadfast and true. Allow them to comfort you, to take your hand and lead you into the next garden where the Holy Spirit awaits.

And if you are the betrayer, and we all are at one time or another, give yourself the kindness of understanding that you are human and did not meet one of the challenges life set for you. Take yourself back to the beginning of the cycle that led you to that failure, learn why you stumbled, then reach out to your friend, not to resume a relationship which may very well be exhausted, but to claim your errors as your own and to release your friend from further expectations.

Friendship is of God. Jesus himself comes as our friend, and as such he models that relationship without peer. He is there for you, he waits for you, he does not demand of you. He simply understands and loves you as you are, all the while waiting for the day you will claim his friendship as your own.

February 12, 2022

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