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Mary Magdalene Helps Us Out On Political Matters

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

I pulled some runes on two political questions (which I have never done before) and was surprised that Mary Magdalene offered her perspective on what they had to say.

Question 1: Would one of you talk to us about whether our previous president will be convicted and/or indicted and/or otherwise see justice?


Overview: Fehu, Cosmic fire of creation and destruction.

Challenge: Gebo, Gift given and received.

Action: Sowelu, Opening into light.

Ann: Is that you, Miriam? You're not who I expected.

Mary Magdalene (Miriam): Yes, it's good to keep you on your toes.

Ann: Since you're here, would you be kind enough to help with the meaning of these runes? They seem to bode pretty well for the bad guy.

Miriam: Ann, Ann, where is my skeptical and stalwart friend? While it is true that the unjust are sometimes rewarded while the righteous go down in flames - as I have had occasion to experience - this is not one of those times. What you received here is the energy erupting from the ashes of a false leader as his misguided star begins to set into the morass he himself created.

The challenge for as many of us as possible is to receive this change of fortunes as a gift, for it will not seem so to some. I do not speak of the co-conspirators or those who knowingly pulled the wool over the eyes of their constituents but the sheep whose wounds and hardships led them blindly to assign blame onto what seemed like a weaker segment of the population in order to reassert what they wrongly believed to be their natural rights.

But natural rights belong to all of us, and this is what the action of the indictment and conviction of this failed and fake leader and his colleagues will reveal. Perhaps not for everyone, but for many who saw him as a truth teller against the liberal lies of the state machine who will reassess when he is revealed as a con artist and a grifter.

First will come disillusionment, then in some cases a reassignment of allegiance to someone else whose views support the previous fiction of truth and justice.

Yet some will look around and compare their situation to what it was when this false saviour took their health hostage as a pawn in political power game and pushed their economic concerns under the rug in favor of accumulating wealth and power.

And then this chain of events will be revealed as the gift of liberation that it is, and the sun will then shine on the light this fading period of darkness had obscured, and a new purpose, a new way of being human will be born for those who choose to claim it.

Question 2: What is going to happen to our democracy?


Overview: Nauthiz, Distress and deliverance

Challenge: Gebo, Generosity

Action: Fehu, Dynamic evolutionary force.


Miriam: Ann, surely you do not need my help here. The overview for your country states clearly that you are passing through an extended period of distress and need where resources not often called for must be brought to bear to carry you through these trials. And yet these very trials are the gifts that bring you understanding, vision, and ultimately the abundance of Fehu.

To those of you who passed mindfully through the Lionsgate and new moon of the infinity cauldron, the eighth day of the eighth month on the infinity eve of the Age of Aquarius: gather that energy to you. You will struggle, yes, but that struggle will allow you to distinguish the dissemblers from the truth tellers and proceed accordingly.

The gift of trouble reveals character and the state of soul circumstance. With strength forged by hardship, you will travel well armed into a time of energy and fertility. It may not be here today, tomorrow, or the next day, but the atmosphere has changed now, the light has crept in, and the river is flowing freely once again.

This is your opportunity to move with it.

Query to the gang from Ann:

Ann: Richard, Merlin, Jesus, does this ring right to you? I really didn't expect political commentary from Miriam.

Jesus: Oh yeah. You should have seen her in my day, definitely the church militant before the concept was corrupted.

Merlin: We in spirit do not simply float and offer platitudes. We, particularly those with the focused energy of Miriam, are directional in our communications as this is what we have to offer.

Richard: Too bad I didn’t connect with her earlier - but then I would have been too drunk to listen. You and your readers are offered a gift. Take it with gratitude.

August 10, 2021


Ann: Thanks, and thanks, Miriam, just wanted to be sure you weren’t John McCain.

John: Did I hear my name mentioned? I second this message and would like to raise it by offering one more. Annie, your chariot awaits, come visit me.

Jesus, Merlin, Richard: What he said.

Ann: OK, thanks, guys.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Karen Grace
Karen Grace

What a fun gathering of spirits!



I don't know how they do it but once again Miriam et all have brought my rising anxiety back down!! Thank you all so much!! and thank you Ann without you we wouldn't have them in our life to read and hold dearly. And most importantly, I thank God.



What a wonderful message!! Stay positive. Don't give in to fear. Choose Love. And the comments from the extras? Hilarious! Thank you all so much. 💙🙏💙🌈


Hahahahahaha........same here Laurie Sue. And yes indeed - see ya there! 😄

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