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Mary Magdalene: How Do We Know?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I started this conversation with Miriam a couple of days ago then was interrupted by one of life's little emergencies. When we resumed, it went in a direction I did not expect.

Ann: Hi Miriam, I’m always afraid you won’t be here

Miriam: And why is that? Have you ever called and not received an answer? Have you ever turned to Spirit with love in your heart and not felt yourself received?

You and I have been around the block more than once as has almost everyone out there. For each of you watching the extraordinary procession of current events, I wonder if you might take a moment to review your lives here, your life choices that have brought you to the present moment in time.....


Ann: Sorry Miriam, life intervened.

Miriam: Yes, it does that, and, like you, many people feel they have to "handle" things before coming back to Spirit. However, you and I were friends of the heart. Everyone out there has such a friend just waiting to be invited into your life.

I wonder if you could try find your way here even when life intervenes. I know you need your down time. It took me several lifetimes to come to that realization. I was always a go, go, go type of person in one way or another.

But through other experiences I have come to respect the value of that “incubating” time, time when we feel we are really not doing much, when we “turn off” our mind and sleep, walk, read, do puzzles of one sort or another. The latter is my favorite. Even now I cannot resist the allure of a good puzzle....

But I digress. What I would like to suggest is that you consider spending some of that down time with us, consider taking us with you into these blank spaces or even those times which life is fraught with anxiety and challenges you perhaps would prefer not to face. We have been friends for a long time, and you will not find a judgmental vibe emanating from my being as I have been on the wrong side of too many equations.

Ann: Yes, I will work on that…

Miriam: No, Ann, not work, allow, invite, reach out, hang out, remember

Ann: Yes, that is coming across now, a safe place to be, a beautiful gift.... I can't remember what you were saying before.

Miriam: The point I was trying to make before that detour - if that's what it was - is that we have all arrived at this point in time as an affirmative choice. It may not look like it, but there is nothing chance about our landing on this planet at this time in the midst of burgeoning trouble or expanding solutions. The latter is where we come to the fore in this special time.

Please each one of you, let me know or let your particular guides know what you think your plan is, why you are here, what tipped you off to your place in the bigger picture. If you are not sure, take your best guess or several.

Share it in the comments if you like, for all of us strive toward this understanding. It need not be earthshaking, just someplace where you felt a little nudge, a door opening, not necessarily something that would change your life, though that can happen, but which allowed you to see your life in a different light.

It is these little epiphanies that keep us moving forward, that make us smile, that connect us to our guides and our departed loved ones and allow us to turn back to our lives with purpose, understanding, and joy.

I wish for you the gift of these expanding connections, they are yours for the asking if you can find a space to listen.

November 11, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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