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Mary Magdalene: Listen

Readers of this blog will know that my highest and best use is sitting around. Occasionally I feel guilty about that, but apparently there is a purpose. Perhaps you may have had a similar experience.

Ann: Hi Miriam, I am definitely one descended from one of those couch potatoes.

Mary Magdalene: Hello Ann, my friend. And no, just the reverse is true which is why you are making up for the exhaustion that covered many of your time in previous lives. The odd thing it, your body knows when it needs to move, and you are becoming more adept at listening. This is a highly underrated skill on so many planes.

For example, you felt my presence, had struggled through your paperwork and wanted to take a break by reading your mystery. Perfectly understandable. But let’s look at how you came to this place of conversation.

First you thought of Peter who was in effect the quartermaster of the Jesus show. He was good at it. He could see openings where others saw blockages, and he could anticipate blockages where others walked in blind. However arrogant he may have been in shepherding us from pillar to post, we knew he had the goods.

So you called on him, not directly but when you thought of him and his skills, you asked indirectly for his help, and it was given to you. The various options sorted themselves out, and you could choose the plans which best fit your needs. And I am constrained to tell you that he is waiting for further conversation – not as a threat, of course, but as a reminder.

I, on the other hand have been on your mind, crystalized by my request to Anita but prior thereto you knew I was waiting. You were, on some level, vibration or channel, however you want to call it, listening. You are getting better at it (how else would Rembrandt have broken through) but have not yet found and easy spot to put the various communications you review from what seem to be very different channels.

You will find, my friend, that just as you were able to multitask in your hardworking lives and still hear spirit whispering through the trees, so will you be able to listen and organize your input and outflow so as to find a spot for the concerns of man and the concerns of God.

The former are a challenge to you in this lifetime, and I smile to see you, so competent in other lives, struggle to keep in mind the relevant parts of a simple chore. This time, my friend, you have been asked to sit down and listen, really listen to the words of your spiritual companions and let them resonate through you as you laugh together at your “oddly competent” methods of navigating this world’s challenges.

You do not have to fear that your expanding listening skills will set you back in the world. On the contrary, those chores and efforts will fall into a better balanced space, that which facilitates what must be done, what is a joy to do, and that which simply must be borne, in the context of our Creator’s love, support and humour, grounded in the knowledge of our true and eternal nature which strives to push itself beyond the boundaries of this little planet.

You are doing so in that oddly competent way of yours, and we rejoice to travel with you.

November 27, 2021

Free Image Credit: aitoff, Pixabay.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Dec 17, 2021

lovely message Ann! And going with what Karen said below, rest-assured!


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Dec 01, 2021

What a re-assuring message!


Carol Baum
Carol Baum
Nov 28, 2021

This resonated with me. I am also a couch potato and have wondered if I am exhausted from the work of previous lives. Maybe so.

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