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Mary Magdalene: Balance Your Karmic Energy

Ann: Miriam, it is such a relief to feel your energy.

Miriam: Yes, there are too many guys around here. Not that I don’t love each and every one of them, but fair is fair and balance is balance. When you pass over, you pick up both male and female aspects of your character, but in each incarnation one or the other is emphasized. On balance, you have seem to have attracted more male energy to the blog that female.

Ann: Why is this do you think?

Miriam: Well for one thing, though you have incarnated as a woman this time with a somewhat frail constitution and have opted to feel the fragility of your physical power when set next to the physical prowess of the male animal in his prime, you nevertheless still relate more easily to the male because you do not like feeling defenseless.

Ann: No, not really. I am somewhat uncomfortable around men and most of my friends are women.

Miriam: Yes, like I said, you do not want to feel your own fragility, the fragility that is, truth to tell, inherent in the human condition regardless of gender, but is impossible to deny as a woman.

When we take on the feminine role, it is almost always to learn something about being in relationship with the dominant force of the culture in a secondary role. From there we are asked to move outward in our internal structure so that we can move that secondary energy into a role of parity within the culture. Many of the women who are coming to prominence now are carrying that mission with them.

This does not mean that they leave their nurturing natures at the doorstep but that their appearance in the society now brings to the fore the elemental strength of the eternal feminine which is not just a match for the male but an essential complementary force.

It would be interesting for each of you to try a little exercise. Visualize your inner core. Ask it to take shape as it desires without interference from your preconceived notions. Who evolves? Is a man or woman, an animal, a tree, rock or crystal? Who are you at your elemental soul at this point in time? What is your primary energy nature at this time?

Then ask for your current incarnation to respond to this elemental being. Are you asked to walk side by side? Do you feel a pull to move into the identity of that which has appeared to you? Or are you guided in this lifetime to redress a psyche and soul which has fallen out of balance over the previous iterations of your lives? If you are comfortable doing so, please share in the comments below.

You Ann, need to spend more time exploring the feminine side of your energy spectrum. You are not weak because you feel, because you move with grace and a feminine softness. You have spent too much time using male energy to defend yourself from forces which would coopt your individuality and now must simply allow both sides of you nature simply to be.

It is no accident that the LBGT and Me Too movements are gaining momentum at this time because we are rounding out our notion of male and female and learning to value all sides of our nature even to the point of blurring the boundaries between the two, though we clearly have a ways to go.

I am glad to be able to come to you today to add a little balance to male heavyweights who can tend to sink the ship with their gravitas. The feminine lifts up the spirit, nurtures the hopeful life, and carries kindness as the shield against which no assault can stand. I ask each one of you to look into your hearts and feel the energy pendulum as it swings from male to female then do what you need to do to bring it back to a restful center.

Ann: Miriam, I just felt a sudden drop in my energy level and psyche, much like depression taking hold. What is happening?

Miriam: Ah, Ann, male energy never likes to give way. That is why it has taken us so many eons to even begin to consider the merits of gender equality. Your warrior, your general in charge does not want to give way to a softer, seemingly more vulnerable core. And yet, a defender can last only so long without sustenance. Better, wouldn’t you agree, to have our two sides arm in arm on the battlement, in the bedroom, and out and amongst our daily life chores? Then, with both on the job, whoever is needed at any particular time can step to the fore.

We are all male and female energy. Neither is stronger or weaker than the other though the last several millennia of dedicated patriarchies have conspired to make it seem so.

As you notice the resistance in your own psyche to giving a little more space to your feminine side, spare a thought for the militant groups who are fighting with backs to the wall a losing battle with cohesion, the coming together of all aspects in their lives into one coherent whole.

If you, who have devoted time and energy to protecting the rights of the underserved can feel a revolt against what feels like surrender, what must those who have relentlessly walled off the nurturing aspects of their being feel when pushed to the wall? They have had no contact with anything other than marshal law and their resources are minimal.

It will take a kind and relentless male figure confident of his own feminine strengths to bring them to begin to see the abyss into which they have fallen. Perhaps you have such a character in you new leader. It is his time and he is uniquely suited for the role. The universe works in mysterious ways, but now we are beginning to see the divine pattern

Start first with exploring your own inner landscapes to discover the imbalances that may have developed, not just in this lifetime but perhaps over many other attempts at getting the human being thing pushed back into some kind of workable shape. Then do what you need to do to repair the lack and take yourself out into the world as a functioning whole and see what you see now.

I suspect it will be a revelation.

November 27, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Sally Herr
Sally Herr
Nov 28, 2020

My feminine image is a very vibrant tree young, healthy, alive, in the under story. My masculine image was a massive, heavy dark greyness not willing to lighten up. Thank you.


Nov 27, 2020

Thanks, Judith, I see a warrior in search of an enemy whose vision is too narrow to see other options.


Judith Casale
Judith Casale
Nov 27, 2020

I see a woman with a staff or walking stick and an owl on her shoulder. She stands firm, but not hard or stiff. She is flexible and strong.

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