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Mary Magdalene: Pulled In All Directions

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Sometimes even spiritual work can feel like work - particularly when added to everything else - even when I'm not sure what the everything else is. Anyone out there noticing something similar? I asked Richard for help, and then Miriam chimed in.

Ann: I don’t wanna, feel like I am being shoved. Richard?

Richard Burton: Yes, love, that’s because you are being shoved. And from every corner. T'is the season. Nothing more likely to make you go in the opposite direction, you stubborn old thing. Perhaps, however, you might try not responding in your usual knee jerk fashion?

Ann: Compromise? Read my book for a while, back to the drawing board tomorrow?

Richard: Sounds reasonable. And look a little further and you may find that the depth of the previous several messages has been such that taking time to regain your balance may the attuned thing to do. Between your new book, myself and Miriam, not to mention the actual humans still on the planet, you are definite not being left alone....

Ann: Miriam?

Miriam. Yes. I think I can help you with this.

Ann: Great.

Miriam: It is very natural to want to step back, run away even, when you feel the pull of spiritual life taking you away from everything else you hold dear. Though really there is no conflict, it can feel like your life is being stripped from your control.

Well do I remember being drug into being a follower of Christ when, after his death, all I really wanted to do was to retreat onto the sidelines, grieve, and shut the world out. But it was not to be. Once called, you cannot un-hear the call. And everyone is called.

But that does not mean you should never take a break. We do need, however, to be careful to protect ourselves during such a period, because we become vulnerable to the gremlins that would like to derail our progress. Ann, you can rest and refresh without drawing these energies in, and that is what I would wish for you.

Ask Merlin to be at your side, to keep a sacred circle around you while your human frequencies gentle out into a rhythm that you can live with. You are moving along an upward spiral and that is all to the good, but you need a settling period. So use your spray,* rest until you are able to regain your geniality.

Ann: I have no idea of what else I want to do.

Miriam: No, nothing else. you just want to be let alone for a while.

Ann: Yes.

Miriam: Then take Spirit with you into your solitude as you wait for your internal turbulence to subside. You have touched a deep and seemingly desperate chord of sadness in your recent posts, and the energy that has surrounded you with so many in similar straights was the last straw. You required a steadier center than you had on hand at that time.

Time with your horses and dogs, cooking and feeding your loved ones, that’s the ticket for you. Others will have different palaces of solace. Do not be ashamed of taking time for yourself. It’s called self-care and it is your holy obligation as much as any other.

I understand. I was sucked on until I wanted to throw them all to the wolves. Take time now and come back when your good humour is restored. Take myself and Richard with you, ask Merlin, Michael, and Thor to keep you safe, and allow yourself some downtime to recharge.

December 6, 2020

*Anita Sacco can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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Jane Basehoar
Jane Basehoar
Dec 06, 2020

Miriam - thank you so much for sharing that “ you were drug into being a follower of Christ when after his death all you really wanted to do was grieve and shut the world out.” Somehow I have believed you were super humans who didn’t experience the same emotional triggers I find myself dealing with at times. “Self care is your holy obligation as much as any other” is healing to embrace. 💕


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Dec 06, 2020

Respectfully endorse self-care!

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