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Mary Magdalene: Strength In Turbulent Times

Miriam. Hello, Ann, I have been wanting to speak with you. I know many of you are disturbed by the events taking place, the deception, cruelty, and violence, but I want you to understand where you are in the process which is unfolding.

There are times on this planet where upheaval is necessary to restart the human experiment - not that that is of much comfort to those whose lives have been uprooted or worse. Still, even in the midst of tragedy we see the fine hand of our Creator retooling our rough edges and pulling us out of ourselves, stretching us so that we can contemplate and accept new ways of being.

If we allow that stretch to take place, if we can find a way to give into the pull and push of circumstances, the pain caused by resistance will abate. Circumstances may not have changed but how we receive them can.

Oh, I don’t mean that everything will be fine, just that your internal landscape can start to reflect the world you want to see emerging from the rubble of these disintegrating times. Turn your heads away from the onslaught of words meant to rile you into distraction and anxiety, and focus instead on the pedal tone you can hear running through the chaos if you take the time and offer your attention to Spirit’s guidance.

In my day too corrupt and murderous forces were bent on power and domination above all else, and yet their power paled when the Son of Man walked quietly among them revealing by his own life and actions what they had become.

Putting a mirror to the face of evil can cause an outsize reaction, and it seems that once again we are headed in this direction. I ask you not to focus on the inevitable temper tantrums that result when evil is thwarted, but instead to keep your focus on the quiet center of your own heart.

This is where the Christ, the Great Spirit, the I Am Who Am resides, and the light* offered there is what will get you through these turbulent times with your head held high and your soul intact.

October 4, 2020

*My heart was touched by this message so kindly delivered with such understanding and compassion for what we are going through. I was called to pull a Rune and Crystal Card for further clarification. I received, Kano, the torch, that which illuminated, and Citrine, the crystal that helps us keep negative thoughts at bay. Blessings to all.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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