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Mary Magdalene: To Give Is To Receive - And Vice Versa

It is blessed to be both a giver and receiver because, in the fullness of that relationship, is the holy connection of each of us with our Creator.

Miriam: Hello, Ann, I have been wanting to speak with you about being alone or in darkness and what you can give and what you can give by receiving. Many of you have been isolated over the past year and have experienced what is to be on your own. Sometimes that brings low spirits, sometimes not, but always it brings reflection. Next is the realization that the change is happening whether or not it is to our liking.

Speaking personally, many times for me that period of reflection was preceded by panic, the untoward realization of not knowing what to do, how to manage, how to stop what I would have given anything to change. How to cope without falling into despair?

The risk of such dark times is serious, i.e., depression, addiction, aggression, etc., or, perhaps most intractable, the outward focus of our troubles on others, in a word, blame.

This latter can be the most dangerous because, in displacing our troubles onto others, we avoid the necessity of looking at our own situation and then never have to face up to the actions it will take to make the changes necessary to our own spiritual growth.

External change may not be within our control but internal change is always possible, and sometimes both are available. However, when push comes to shove, but the only thing that always works is to find someone to help or find someone to help you.

There is a well of love that builds up in the hearts of those who are alone or injured in body or soul, and there is someone, somewhere who could be lifted up by such a gift. And if you are that someone, reach out your hand for help knowing that in receiving you are also a giver, a person willing to connect, recognizing the heart and gift of another and accepting the hand that is offered to you.

In perilous times, anytime really, it is blessed to be both a giver and receiver because in the fullness of that relationship is the holy connection of each of us with our Creator, neither of us whole without the other.

And I can say with assurance that the same is true for those of us on this side of the veil. When you ask for our help, you offer us the precious gift of your trust and allow us to fulfill the fundamental purpose of life, that is, to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Call on us, offer what we give you to others, and we will all grow in stature and strength in the furtherance of the sacred relativity that powers our world.

February 22, 2021

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1 Comment

Feb 23, 2021

Miriam comes as teacher, guide, friend. You know by her message that she has lived through the feelings many of us have had to face. Very encouraging. Thank you both!

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