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McCain and Tubman: Celebrate But Keep Marching

Ann: Hi John.

John: Yes, yes, I know I’m taking up a lot of space here, but really, what else are you doing? And you knew I would have to come back here to celebrate. I’m not just for the hard times, you know. Auntie is here also.

Auntie: Sho is. That old boy finally got it done, pulled up his socks and bored right in because he knew how desperate the situation is. Never again, you need to say to yo’selves three times a day just like grace befo’ a meal, never again.

Now they’s always gonna be stealing, greed, and meanness, but never before has that been able to corrupt the entire system. Oh, we came close in my day, real close, so close that we went to war which you ain’t done yet, but still could happen. You listen to President Lincoln. He be talkin’ regular to Mr. Biden, and they see eye to eye. Please God keep him safe.

John: Amen to that, Auntie. This is a day of celebration and deep relief but also vigilance. Now is the time to clean up. Joe may not be able to get his most favored policies through but he can hold those shysters who have wormed their way into government to account. This I believe he will do but here is where get along Joe is going to have to stiffen his spine, not so it looks like a witch hunt, but so that everyone, no matter their party affiliation, will think twice about going on the take.

And those who are conduits for Russian interests had better be planning a trip to the Cayman Islands for an extended stay if they want to escape with their skins intact. And yes, Lindsey, I’m talking about you, though it grieves me to say so. I see him trying to become the next Trump and run for president to continue the grab for power, so Joe, listen up, you won’t have any time to rest on your laurels.

But now, my friends, we have time to breathe. Let’s not waste it.

Auntie: Like I tole you befo’, we got to keep marchin’. Look what happens every time we sit back and take a breath. When we think we’ve won, we git lazy and no count, and while we not looking, here they come again. Jim Crow after the Civil War, all that gerrymandering after the Civil Rights legislation, and, a’course, Trump after Obama, to name a few.

These folks don’t go away, they jes lie in wait. Until all out children play together in the same schools, it ain’t never gone be any different, so that where we got to put our energy. Then, maybe not in this generation but in the next, we can all march under the same banner.

November 8, 2020

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