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McCain, Tubman, And Cummings: Buck Up!


McCain: Inside each heart is a hero just waiting to emerge.

Tubman: There ain’t no one so dark that there ain’t no spark of light deep down.

Cummings: The worse it gets, the more drastic the solution will be, and that is the trajectory of these troubled times.

Anita* called me to say that you three came over the Rainbow Bridge with something for the blog.

John McCain: Yes, that's right. John here, and honored to be in the company of two such pioneers. You know, I never gave a thought in my early life about my white privilege, my family’s military heritage which gave me a leg up in so many ways, but that arrogance got knocked out of me at the Hanoi Hilton, and I can stand here today with Auntie and Elijah and say that we are all the same, that inside each heart is a hero just waiting to emerge.

None of us asked to be put to the test. Life circumstances made us would-be victims who, for some reason or other, could not surrender to the darkness that surrounded us. Why do you think I could get along with my political opponents? Why was Auntie able to forge common cause with the women’s movement many of whom were invested in slavery whether consciously or not? Auntie?

Harriet Tubman: You knows the reason, John, but I wants to make it crystal clear to all you folks out there. We is all the same in our hearts. There ain’t no one so dark that there ain’t no spark of light deep down. And I knows what you gonna say ‘bout that mean and pitiful creature in the White House…

John: And never did a name more perfectly fit the residence of that blowhard….

Auntie: Now John, it’s my turn. And don’t you worry none about the name of that House because when we gets him out and decent men and women in, that word “white“ will take on a different meaning, letting light and brightness back into our government. Its gonna happen, but as always there’s blood gonna be spilt, and a lot of it is black blood.

Elijah: Auntie, you are right. We have been chosen, you, I, and many of our black and brown brothers and sisters, to reveal the underside of this nation, but John here, in suffering even more harshly at the hand of misguided oppressors, has taken that same road as have a number of stand up folks no matter the color of their skin.

When that happens, as it is happening now, not just with the three of us but with the country as a whole, these differences will take a back seat to the human qualities of fairness and equality because, as John and Auntie have taught us, we are all the same in our hearts .

More of us will have to suffer and die before this great truth is realized, but those sufferings are no longer shrouded in darkness and are put out on national TV for all the world to see. The worse it gets, the more drastic the solution will be, and that is the trajectory of these troubled times.

John: There are many I thought of as friends, yes, Lindsey, I’m talkin' to you, who saw the truth but turned away to save their own skins. What they are finding out is that they have lost their souls and their skins along with it.

My friends, the three of us have come here today to say to you, “Buck up!” It’s not as bad as it looks and will get better than you can imagine if you stay the course. Remember that your lifetime is not the eternal gage. The arc of history is beyond our scope, so do what you can to push the ball down the field.

Auntie: John knows I hate them football analogies. What I would say to you good folks it that God is in his heaven, and all will be coming right with the world if you jes keep the faith with Him and keep on keepin’ on.

Elijah: We have passed the torch to each and every one of you. There are folks who are standing up, who are beginning to see all that can be lost if they do not.

Please be one of them. Know in your heart of heart that any defeat will be temporary because, when we march, when we legislate, when we reach out one to another, we do it not just in the now but in the eternity of the expanding universe.

We are counting on you and ask with deep respect that you walk with us.

September 25, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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