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McCain, Williams, and Tubman. Look Out!

Ann: Would one of you guys have something for the blog?

John McCain: Sure, Annie, there’s a whole chorus here, myself, Robin. and Auntie, the Three Musketeers in the flesh – well not really, but you get my drift. Robin has already donned a fancy costume and is bounding around the stage with a swashbuckling sweep to his sword and cloak. OK, Robin, come on over here and give the lady something she can tell her readers.

Robin: Sure thing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be hooking up with Auntie and John. Who knew that we were comrades in arms under the skin? Well, we are – though I can’t say I would be of much use in a fight, but I see my role as that of a distraction to the enemy. How could any self-respecting evil spirit focus on doing bad things when John is explaining to him the error of his ways and Auntie is coming up on him from the rear?

Auntie: Now Robin, you cut that out. We don’t need no shenanigans 'round here, we just want to say to you folks that there is joy in heaven a’plenty every time one of you looks up our way and joins our cause. And lots of peoples doin' it, more than I imagined. You know, peoples purely did get fussed when Ruthie Ginsburg left.

You were mighty let down, weren’t you, chile? But now look what’s happenin’. There’s gonna be a turnout in this election like nothing this country has ever seen before.

John: And then we have to see if we can still govern ourselves or if the new gang is gonna try to run with the powers the last asshole grabbed for himself. I give Joe the benefit to say that he will try to restart the democracy, but it is hard to lay down power and some of that crowd on that side of the aisle is just as power hungry as any of my former party.

Robin: Well, politics are not my arena, but what I can see is light coming up from the planet in great waves. We will bask in the glow up here and try to redirect some of it back down to keep the momentum going.

Auntie: So don y’all get fat an’ lazy once this election is over, cause then the fight is jes startin’, that fight to make change, to make right for all those who’s had trouble findin’ air to breathe for such a long time. We gone keep marchin’ with you so don’t even think of sittin’ down.

John, Robin, and Ann: Amen

October 26, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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Amy David
Amy David
Oct 28, 2020

Can’t you just see Robin‘s energy and movement? That was the happiest post!


Oct 28, 2020

Amen to that 🎉❤️


Oct 27, 2020

Tears of joy for this. Thank you ❤️

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