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Peter and Mary Magdalene: Mind and Heart

Your mind and your heart are unrivaled in power

when connected with the Christ soul within you.

Ann: Peter?*

Peter: Yes. You are in need of my logistical help. All you folks who are trying to keep your material and spiritual balls in the air have found yourselves drowning in an abyss of bad news, and the pendulum on the way to swinging back into the darkness makes this type of circus act all the more difficult.

Particularly for those of you not naturally equipped to deal with organizational challenges, I am here to lend a hand. You may be surprised to learn that Miriam is here also. I can’t say that I saw the light she carried within her when we travelled together, when we walked, supposedly in concert, with Jesus. I was constrained by the order of the day which was to denigrate the worth of women except as in so far as they were helpmates to the men in their lives.

Miriam broke that mold and my mindset in the process though it was more than I could admit at the time. She was a scholar. I see it now, and now, finally of one mind we can come here together to offer our complementary skills to aid each of you in balancing competing interests in this challenging times.

I will speak first as I am master of the concrete, the definite, and the strategic. From that vantage point, I counsel practicality. Consider how best to survive then triumph on the pendulum as it pushes into darkness.

First of all I say to you, save up for a rainy day. Monetarily, yes, but also in store of rations and accoutrements. In my day maps and connections were the most valuable tools an upstart and increasingly persecuted bunch of religious fanatics could have.

What is needed for you now is a clear knowledge of how your government, your towns, and neighborhoods are laid out both in longitude and latitude and in composition. Understand where you are, who makes up your community, and with whom you can gather to put forward like-minded views, views that will begin to push that pendulum back into a light filled space. That way, even when you are losing, you are preparing to win.

Miriam: Thank you Peter, it is a pleasure to be working with you now that the scales have fallen from your eyes.

I carry as one of my talents, then and now, an understanding of the teachings of Jesus, the light that he offered us, and how we can, even in dark times, foster and expand the spiritual connections that live within us and within our communities.

First, let me say to each or you that you have never been abandoned by your Creator. Jesus was her emissary, a human being like you, but one whose experience allowed him to gather into one being the energy and teachings of the wise ones throughout the ages, both on this planet and elsewhere.

He continues to do so today. He draws not only from the so called “Christian” teachings as originally expressed but also from those wise elders in native traditions, those who learned from nature the divine qualities of the created universe. He communicates in ways undefinable by the limitations of human understanding, in parables, allegories, and stories, which, if we attend, allow us to understand our respective places in the developing cosmos.

The first teaching is to tend your own house. Only when you can laugh at your own foibles and unwitting transgressions against the holy laws of unconditional love can you establish boundaries and actions which will contain the dark and turn its energy toward expansion of the light.

So see first to your own spiritual health, and then allow what you have learned in trying to shepherd your own recalcitrant soul into God’s enclosure to provide lessons to others. Take strategic lessons from Peter, the lessons of loving boundaries and consciously determined direction, and then move with resolute determination to demonstrate by example the Creative power of a loving universe.

The second teaching is imbodied in the expression, “Example is more efficacious than precept,”** for that is the essence of what Jesus taught. Leadership, if it is to ring true, must be solid in truth and authenticity down to its very core.

So that is what we ask of you. Look into the gathering darkness and do otherwise so that when that pendulum swings back into light you and those with you will be ready to carry God’s truth into a the new way, the way of Jesus, the way of the truth and the light and the life,*** in words, yes, but largely, primarily, and indelibly by example.

Go and do likewise.

Peter: And don’t forget to take out the trash and close the door behind you. Spiritual connection is augmented by clear vision and clear vision is achieved by a clean and well charted course. Call on us if you need help in any facet of the amazing journey upon which you have embarked. Take now of everything you experience carrying light into whatever darkness you encounter.

Your mind and your heart are unrivaled in power when connected with the Christ soul within you, and you will not fail.

December 6, 2021

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Gil-Dekel.

*Referred by Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.**Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or for spiritual or past life readings at

**Samuel Johnson: The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia (1759), Chapter 29. Source:

***Holy Bible, John: 14:6.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Dec 07, 2021

Very wise advice. It was interesting what Peter admitted about how women were regarded back then. Also, I personally find it a bit disappointing that the pendulum is still swinging into darkness. I was hoping that we were turning this whole world around, especially in the USA, as we move into the 5th dimension. Thank you Ann, Miriam and Peter.

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