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Pulled At The Edges

Have you ever made pizza crust? You roll it out, pull the edges, and then it shrinks back. You keep on and keep on, and pretty soon you have a pizza crust just a little bit shrunk. I had a session with Michael Dunning,* a wise and experienced shaman, who told me that I was being pulled at the edges. I asked Richard for further thoughts, and now I have a fellow feeling for pizza dough.

Ann: Richard, would you be kind enough to talk to me about what Michael meant by saying that I was being “pulled at the edges?”

Richard Burton: With the greatest pleasure, love. Please give my highest regards to Michael, we come from a similar lineage through he has been rather more stalwart than I in following his course. I hope I am making up for some of my detours now.

Pulled at the edges. Yes. A beautiful and evocative way of describing the expansion into other states, other dimensions, other places which are not places that are on a map but which nevertheless can be accessed by each and every one of us.

I gather, my dear, that you were rather alarmed when this occurred as Jesus channeled your connection with the Essenes, but not to worry, love, this is perfectly natural and, indeed, can and should become routine for all of us. Can you imagine sitting in your room blind with the firm conviction that the world consisted only of that location? Think of those folks who were sure the earth was flat – though come to think of it, well, it might have been when looked at from certain quantum physics perspective…. But I digress.

Being pulled at the edges is uncomfortable, yes, but only initially. You have been able to compartmentalize your channeling and have likened yourself to a telephone which you can pick up and put down at will. This has allowed you to come and go in your life without making any fundamental changes. But when you are pulled at the edges, the illusory line between here and there is broken. It feels involuntary, but it is not that you have offered or are denied consent but that it has evolved naturally from contact with expanded beings. And, indeed, love, these beings speak to you from a world you have already known.

You are not unique. This is true for everyone on this planet. We have all been in different worlds, had different lives on this planet and elsewhere. Your recent experience was just a little parting of the veil of consciousness, strange yet familiar, a glimpse into a dimly remembered past.

Though startling, it has given you comfort to experience what you are hearing and transcribing because experience is our primary teacher. What makes us happy, what causes us pain? Not just superficially but deep in our heart’s core? If we look honestly at those times of trouble and those other times of joy, we can see, more, we can feel, the different levels of experience. Go to the rock bottom of each one. Did it expand or diminish your soul’s light? Did it take you somewhere you needed to go, which though painful, even tortuous, may be offering you unexpected gifts as you move into the next phases of your life?

Being pulled at the edges is the experience of more than the immediate world at our fingertips, the not-to-be-denied knowledge that we are more, that we are real in aspects of being that we can now only tangentially grasp. Love, you can live in both realms and still come back to this one intact. Michael is a guide to be treasured, for he has weathered a truly Odyssean journey of travel between worlds.

So let yourself be open to having your edges pulled a bit and then perhaps a bit more. Trust in the experience that brings light, and you will not go wrong.

May 7, 2020

*Michael Dunning, The Yew Mysteries,

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1 Comment

May 12, 2020

Thank you Ann

I felt compelled to write a “thank you note “. Do you write any poetry? I know you are channeling Richard but you have the words and rhythm inside of you , otherwise Richard wouldn’t be able to use them here. If you do have any” hidden “ poetry that you have written I would love to read it 😊

Again thank you for sharing your gifts

Sincerely Robin

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