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Rallying Cry From Richard Burton

Ann:Richard? You have something you want to say regarding this pandemic?

Richard Burton: Yes, love, I do believe the seminal nature of what we are all going through is beginning to be felt by many on a visceral level. It is all very well to isolate, to quarantine and distance ourselves from the virus, but we cannot keep the wolf from the door by such means. We cannot pretend that it has not affected our world as we see so many devastated in one way or another and knowing that ourselves and our loved ones are just a hair’s breath from the same fate if we are not already there.

It is no longer possible to turn one’s gaze from the evidence before one’s eyes that the world has changed irrevocably and that the direction in which we are traveling is unknown. And we tremble with the knowledge that, If previous disasters are any indication, tyranny, war, and destruction follow lawlessness and anarchy as night follows day.

But this is not inevitable. These are times where the courage to create a new order can be mustered on every level. We can no longer leave this work to others and coast along until normalcy is restored, because what was perceived as normal in the past was anything but. Where on this planet has anything resembling normalcy come up against the raping of the planet and the pillage of the underclasses?

You know my background. I come from Welsh miner stock. My people were lulled into thinking that we were benefiting from the mining industry when in reality they were taking our health, our dignity, our livelihood, and our freedom. This has been the way of the world since Adam claimed God's knowledge for his own.

And now you see that pattern repeating itself, the vacuum that poverty and helplessness create making space for the Trumps and Hitlers of the world to emerge posing as saviours.

So what is different this time? Well, I will tell you love. What is different is that it has or it will be painfully obvious that Trump and his oligarchical friends have created the conditions which have brought us to this pass. He himself is paradoxically our saviour as he shows the world his true colours and those of his comrades, and rage is the natural result from those who are so betrayed.

But this is not the answer, though my rage and the rage of those who have been used and abused knows no bounds. But this is not the answer. It is only with the love of God that we will be able to temper our rage into creative forces, forces powerful enough to manifest a new order based on equality, talent, and effort.

It is doable, love and the many spirits gathered on this side are funding the efforts of those on the planet to realize this challenge. It matters from a global perspective, yes, but its ramifications resonate far beyond our small galaxy. That an experiment such as that of the human race should be allowed to destroy the planet is more that the just deserts of anyone's imagination and certainly not that of a loving God.

So this is a call to arms. I am asking each and every one of you to lend your voices, your hands, your treasure, and your unwavering commitment to the evolution of a new order to arise from the confluence of the ecological, political, and personal tragedies that beset our world today. I urge you to take a stand in whatever way you can. The goal is attainable if we stride steadfastly towards the light. Reach for Spirit’s hand, you will not be left behind. We are standing ready to move in concert with each and every one who asks for fundamental change to be accomplished. Do not falter, this is not the time for the faint of heart.

May 11, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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