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RFK: In God's Holy Name

Ann: Bobby, you sell, your posts have a lot of views.

Senator Kennedy: Are you surprised? I spent my life selling one thing or another. Strategic organizing, that’s what you need.

Ann: What would you suggest?

Senator: Start early, write often, but only when you have something to say.

Ann: When you have something to say, you mean.

Senator: Yes. That is, when you are receiving from one of the wisdom figures that come here for you and your readers.

Ann: You are one.

Senator: Yes. Never would have thought so, but I knew I had something pushing me on, honing my skills, winnowing down my core beliefs in the crucible that was my childhood and then the successive blows of family loss and betrayal by friends and allies. That’s why I prized loyalty above just about everything.

Ann: Did you? That makes you sound like Trump.

Senator: I guess it does in one way. But I had a center, I came in with a mission that I never lost even in the deepest of despair after Jack passed. I simply could not face it, could not believe it had happened. I could not reemerge.

And yet that center was still there. And in that center was the plight of those in our country, our country, no less, that suffered from extreme poverty. I am coming back at this time because what you see on the streets of this country is not just the result of police bias and arrogance. These are the cries of those who have no hope, no way out.

It cannot continue. We have pushed it out beyond the bounds of reasonableness, and the pendulum has swung again to the point of revolution. Ignore it at our peril. Be a part of the solution, that is the only thing left. Listen, really listen, and restructure this time from the ground up.

We need a giant step this time, one where wise men and women can move into a new paradigm that does not ignore the more ignoble trails of the human animal but which rewards the generous spirits, the gifts of kindness and ingenuity that have been bestowed upon us. Now is the time to recognize those gifts, for at the core of each personal gift is the outpouring of God’s love in personal manifestation. Some can paint, some can write, some can organize, others speak movingly about where we have been, where we are, and where we can go if we will choose.

We all go through the fire. It is necessary if we are to access with utter clarity that central purpose that we came here to realize. Whatever your talents, that purpose underlays everything you have been given. The education, health care, and nourishment of our most frail and vulnerable brothers and sisters must be our highest priority along with the radicalization of God’s soul purpose which is given to each of us at birth.

Find yours, allow it to illuminate God’s zeal in your heart. We are on the brink of a new world and new civilization. I know many say it cannot happen, human beings being what they are, but you have no idea of the real nature of the human soul. It is time for it to emerge in each and every one of you. It is not just your passion. It is your passion at the service of God’s purpose. Let it shine or I will have to come back and shake it out of you.

Ann: You’re pretty much doing that now, aren’t you ?

Senator: Doing my best, giving it all I’ve got from where I am now. This is not the time for us to go into reverse, we need to floor it and keep on it until the flower of God’s illumination is upon every soul on this planet. It can happen.

Ann: Trump? Does he have a flower in his soul?

Senator: He is serving God’s purpose. He illuminates by negative example what we are beginning to recognize as mortal danger. Nothing less would serve. Look upon him and choose the opposite. We are atoning, we have all sinned. No one gets a free pass, regardless of the color of your skin, your background, or your wealth. There must be a level playing field provided as a start in order for each soul to find his own passion and purpose. That is our focus now, passion and purpose in the service of God’s Holy Name.

June 12, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Amy David
Amy David
Sep 09, 2020

I agree. We need to thank Trump for shaking us to the core. Humans tend to only do major things when they hit rock bottom. Entertaining ourselves to distraction isn’t working anymore. It all costs too much. Socialism for the corporate few and cutthroat capitalism for the rest of us. We will be a better society after this. We won’t be perfect but we might start to right the wrongs.


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Jun 12, 2020

Thank you RFK and Ann!

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