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Richard Burton: A Different Winter Is Coming

Yellowstone In Winter.

"There are grand and untouched discoveries waiting for you

in what may have seemed to be a barren land."

Richard Burton: I see the apprehension that is gripping many of you as winter approaches. The usual connections and distractions that tie us to each other and to the earth are in short supply this season.

We must confront this challenge head on and prepare. This is the guts of the pandemic experience. Here is where we either pick up our bed and walk or lie down and give up. What is asked of all of us is internal cultivation. Here is where we have the opportunity to excavate the gold in our inmost being and plant seeds for the future which will create a garden beyond compare and one that has not yet had the opportunity to prosper in the world at large.

St. Catherine, Thomas Keating, and others can tell you that they have been working at this for years now both on the planet or off, but to put a large portion of the world's population into isolation for an extended period of time has never been tried. What will we make of it?

The earth is desperate and has resorted to throwing us back upon our own resources so that we can discover that where we thought was a discarded wasteland is in fact a fertile field for exploration.

Your heart, my friends, is all you need because this leads you to your soul connection which is where real joy blooms. You will find myself and others like me waiting at the ready to engage you in many a heartfelt discussion.

What are your worries? What parts of your character has been troublesome for you? Who can put a hand under your elbow to help you over a rocky patch?

You have angels and guides, those you may have thought were mythical, illusory, or only accessible at death who are, in fact, right beside you. Now is the time to call on us, to make a practice of internal contemplation however that might reveal itself to you.

Here you will find the wellspring of your own creativity. Everyone, let me repeat, everyone, has it. If anything even slightly suggests itself to you, follow it out. Writing would be my choice, poetry, word design where letters and words do not have to have meaning, work with your hands, anything where there is something tangible to show whether cooking, drawing, indoor gardening, painting, or musical creation. If you even simply rearrange your internal surroundings, notice the pleasure you feel from the reinvigorated center of your soul

Nothing is too small or too large for this work, a family history, get together online, a story of your own history, an exercise or a contemplative practice. These are the endeavours that water the center of the soul and allow us to come to a better understanding of why we are here.

There are grand and untouched discoveries waiting for you in what may have seemed to be a barren land. This is your opportunity to find them, don’t let it pass you by.

October 29, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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Amy David
Amy David
2020년 11월 18일

Marvelous ideas for us. I loved the line about the hand under the elbow to stabilize us over a rocky patch. Simply beautiful words, Ann

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